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    I've been on SSI since 1998.It took me 5 years to get it. I was just up for my medical review/reevaluation and I finally heard from them. I have been approved for the next 5 years.Yahoo! That is a load off my mind.
    I don't have a doctor that is informed about my illnes even though I have tried. I also tried to find one that was educated (or willing to be) on the medical plan offered through Medicaid, but was unsuccessful.
    Just thought I'd mention it to encourage others.It can be done if you don't give up or they don't exhaust into giving up.
    Hope this helps someone else feeling frustrated with this system.
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    I applied in July of 99 and am supposed to go for my second appeal with the judge in October. I don't feel real confidant even with my attorney. I think it's because of the horrible, mean spirited, angry judge I had the first time. Thank God I get a new judge, but am still scared of this whole thing. The first one was so rotten, that we knew when we left there it wasn't going to be in my favor. Well maybe I'll get lucky and it will be easier on me. Thanks again for the encouragement and I won't give up!!!!
    Love, Mary
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    My status for SSI and SSA is that they are still reviewing it medically I am so nervous I won't get it, I have none of my own money I have to live off my parents and my fiance and I feel horrible about it
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    Eastfork-My first hearing was a nightmare too.The judge was so mean I started crying uncontrollably.My dr.,at the time, didn't send the info he was supposed to. I was denied and kept appealing.I had a lawyer too.I kept appealing through the lawyer. When I moved out of state I got a new Judge and was lawyerless, so had to do it myself.I had years of paperwork to back me up from the lawyer and I also included a small pamphlett about CFS for the Judge to read(I highlighted the important facts).I think it helped.There were days I just wanted to give up and forget the whole thing because of the stress.Now of course, I'm glad I didn't.

    I know how you feel.I was getting help from my parents too.Don't give up hope.That's what they want.They tire you out so you won't keep appealing the decisions.If you win your case you will be paid retroactively from the time you applied and you can offer to pay back some of the money to your parents.I know how nerveracking and crazymaking this can be.