My Story about FMS, I'm pain free 90 of the time

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was diagnosed with Fms when I was 16 years old and am now 30
    At first I went the Western Medicine route which was more frusterating and non helpful, I was on drugs and a zombie, feeling non human when I was so young

    I either was going to try other methods of healing, or learn to live with all my horrible symptoms with as positive additude as I could manage

    apart from the chronic all over pain, insomnia, brain fog, IBS, depression, chronic candida, Chronic fatigue, digestion problems, constipation, diareah, my life was great (lol)

    I tryed Chiropracters, they helped a litte bit, reflexology helped a little bit, natural paths helped a little bit, vitamins and minerals helped a little bit, just never anything that was life changing, until I found my Chinese Doctor, it changed within 2 hours of seeing him
    He's not just any Chinese doctor, he's the whole package of health,

    I think a big problem is that people with many health problems have to go to so many different places to find a little bit of relief,

    This man could have been a Western Medicine Doctor but does not share the same beliefs, he has more schooling, he's a nutritionist, Accupuncturist, personal trainer, and knows how to find the way to success for each individual person

    Once he got to know my whole history, not just medical, but personal as well, because stress can be a factor with many pesonal issues, he started me on my quest to get better because I wanted to learn how to live a preventative lifesltyle, and then I could share that with my children so they would have a better life

    You have to be willing to accept change and try new things
    It's not easy to change old and bad habits, if you'd rather take a pill and not learn anything about yourself and your health, this wouldn't be the way to go

    It takes alot of time to change your lifestyle over and all the day to day things, one step at a time, then it really starts to flow

    Research your health professional, and find out what they are going to do for you, you are the one that is paying for your treatment, get the most for your buck,

    to find a true healer that sincerely cares for your well being is not that easy

    I have been to every doctor in every field, over many years and I found only one that has given me results and truly cares for me

    I've been seeing him for the past 8 years and we are great friends

    There is no one person alike, you have to find someone whole will research you !! and understand the way you are, so they can find what will work for you, what you are capable of and what you are willing to do

    First off I had amazing results with acupuncture, not every acupuncturist is the same, if you just go in and tell them a few basics, they can't really treat you properly
    Mine told me that because my muscles were so damaged and irritated that if he put needles in my muscles it would make them worse, so he used my ears to do all the channels that needed to be looked after, and left my poor muscles alone, other acupuncturists would not have clued in to this, after my first treatment, I went home and cryed because I felt so amazing, it was crazy

    that's why it is so important to find a really good one, they are just like any other perfessionals, some are really good at what they do and others are just in it for the money!!!!! or don't really care about you your just another number - Get a chinese doctor that does it all, thats just my opinion and I've had the best results ever!!

    It helped me sleep like I never had before, without any drugs,
    we all know tha importance of GOOD SLEEP not just sleep

    everyone has had so much good advice and I don't want to repeat the proper nutrition ect. .............. we all get that and reducing the chemicals

    Avoiding Stress was a biggy for me, which was also stated
    I had to change my whole inner dialouge with how I looked at life and how I deal with everyday things,

    learning to be positive most of the time really helps , and being resposible for yourself and figuring out what you need to feel better, it's an on going, never ending journey

    and it DOES get easier
    it's hard to find good supplements that actually work, alot are synthetic and do not absorb in the body, there aren't enough regulations on vitamins, minerals, and herbs to know the potency of them, they are like night and day

    Melaleuca the wellness company have amazing vitamins that I found through my chinese doctor that absorb properly in your body and are very potant, they have scientists that have figured out how to actually make vitamins that absorb, they tested the regular synthetic multi that you but at any store and it had zero absorbancy, they have a gut pill called florify that I used for IBS and Candida that worked great, and I actually feel the benefits from their vitamins, they also have Cleaning products that aren't toxic and they are environmentally safe, they work great and are cheaper that wal=mart products !! I wish I knew of them years ago

    and since my well trusted Chinese doc told me about them, as he and his family use them to, of course I jumped at the suggestion

    Read the China Study it's amazing the authors last name is Campbell, it came highly recommended from the doc as well

    I love to research life and find new healthier ways of living, this is now my hobby , it's never boring
    finding new ways to live better and feel better
    There are so many things out there, you just have to choose your path and give it a go

    I find it so exciting trying new things, because eventually you find your diamonds in the rough

    just too many things to put down, so I'll leave it at that

    chow for now
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    I have to put mine in because not everyone can afford higher priced supplements and I hope I don't offend anyone.

    Wal-Mart's brand of supplements are consistantly rated number one with Consumer Lab, they are an independant testing company for supplements.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Now, a new search for me begins--but with a hopeful heart.


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