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    Hello everyone. Well I've been reading some of the posts on this useful site for awhile and I finally decided to join in. I am a 22 year old class of 2002 college graduate. In my past life one year ago or so, I was student body president at my University and a supremely happy vibrant person who always was dubbed "the energizer." During my senior year I had suffered through a major "flu/viral" episode which landed me in the hospital for one week. I recovered quickly and was 110% within one month. Well, in May I graduated from college and moved across the country with my family. That July I got a bad flu with swollen glands and a high fever. Since that time I've never been the same. I used to exercise for hours at a time and never tire. Well... in August I quit my dream job. Then I figured I'd start taking some classes in the meantime to fill the void. November came around and I had a flu shot--this was a major setback. Doctors initially thought "guillane barre" -Thank goodness it wasn't that. Had to stop the classes in January, just too tired. In any case, I've been haunted by fatigue and muscle weakness/soreness for months. Joint pain in my elbows, knees and wrists appears. I thought I was turning the corner from all of this this Feb. 2003, but on March 1 I suffered a flare up/setback. I went from walking 30 minutes per day and feeling 75-80% to walking 2 minutes and feeling 10%. DOctors have now put me on Doxycycline even though I show no signs of bacteria in blood. They are doing this as backup in case I test positive for lyme. They also say no chronic fatigue because I don't have swollen glands or sore throats. Fibro. is ruled out b/c I don't have pain the 14 points. Confusion! They say it could be a psot viral episode which happens to some people and could last for a year. The Doxy ismaking me feel bad and then cycles. Any comments? suggestions??
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    Hi Christine, so sorry to hear you are having all these health problems at your age.

    I have no advice for you I am sorry to say. I sure hope others can help.

    As for Fibro, the main symptoms are severe pain, and none refreshing sleep, theres a lot more, but that is the major symptoms.

    As for CFS, well I don't have that, I am a Fibromite! I will let others that suffer from CFS share how they feel.

    I sure hope they find what is wrong with you, and that it can be helped.

    You are welcome to the board, and there are lots of well informed people here, not only with FM/CFS but other illness too. Hopefully someone else can relate to how you are feeling.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi, it sounds like you could have post lyme. With major joint infected etc. It is very hard to treat if not done with in the 1st mo. or so. Finding knowledgable docs and labs to do correct testing are few. They are trying to under play lyme hurting tourist trade etc. Good luck on your journy. The panel is still out on long term antibiotics and if it really can find these yucky bugs that hide so deep in tissue. Very hard to treat.There is a lyme net which may help you. Hugssss
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    Welcome; I'm glad you decided to join us.

    If the Doxy is making you feel bad and then good, it's probably working to rid your body of some kind of pathogen. Just be sure your doc keeps you on it long enough to get rid of whatever is invading your body. This can be a lengthy process. If you cycle off the Doxy and the symptoms return, you need to get back on it for another cycle until you can get off it for good. This can take a long time, but since you have not been sick as long as many, your recovery time may be much quicker than someone like me who has been sick 12 years. BTW, drink lots and lots of water to flush out the dead wee beasties.

    Love, Mikie