My story...part 1

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynn11, Oct 28, 2006.

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    I have good news and bad news.Who would of thought that statement four years ago from my family doctor was the beginning and end of my life?FM?CFS? What the heck is that i thought.All i knew at the time was the pain in my calves were non-stop and i couldnt seem to stay awake.I took all the "other" tests and all came back negative.Man was i happy at the time those negatives started coming in!Who would of thought a year from then i would of jumped for joy if the doc came back and told me i tested positive to something other than this.I left the docs office and started telling my family and friends what i was diagnosed with.Not one person knew what that meant until i ran into my friends mother.I remember her saying to me, "oh no, you poor girl.That is such a horrible thing." I didnt say anything. I remember thinking, wow i dont feel that horrible.Through the next year i experienced the "oh no" she had been talking about. My pain spread to everywhere and was so unbearable i would crawl up in a ball sobbing for hours.Why me?! I was so angry (still am) at the world! I worked out five days a week and ate healthy for the most part, why wasnt that good enough?! Why was i allowed to have children only not be able to care for them? (to be continued....too tired to finish...sorry...part 2 tomorrow)
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    I'm sure you will find a lot of support on this board. Everyone on this board has been so supportive and caring.

  3. rockgor

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    Welcome to the board. You will find lots of nice people here who can share experiences, info, jokes, recipes, etc.

    You might want to use shorter paragraphs in the future. Some of us have vision or cognitive problems and have trouble w/ long paragraphs.

    Check out the library (in purple above) for articles on many topics.
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    i'm so sorry to hear that there is another woman in my position. i too have been stricken with ongoing pain since the birth of my last baby, I have 4 under 7. That was almost 2 years ago, and I'm having an MRI this monday. The last of my ruling out everything else tests. They told me it was likely FM. Anyway, I really do sympathize for you. I often wonder why I was allowed to have 4 children, onlyt to be completey overcome with pain/low energy/weakness. I've ha dsoo much trouble tending to the needs of my children, and am on the verge of hiring someone to come in and help. I've been unable to get my children to school a few days this year, and I live right across the street from the school. I often feel like I've become a terrible mother/wife and can't seem to understand where my husbands high level of concern for my condition comes from. If I were him, I'd probably have been long gone. Just kidding, but let me tell you in the last 2 years I've spent hours in doc offices, labs, Ct Scan, and he is always there for me. Feeding him well has always kept him quite happy, but I've even gotten pathetic at that. He's learning to due some cooking, and help out with the kids more. My hubby works very hard as a meat manager & takes alot of overtime as $$$ is tight. I know there was nothing here to help you, but might make you feel better knowing that you are not alone. Wishing you better health! Laura
    PS-I also still have days when I curl up & cry alot about 'Why Me'.
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    I immediately identified with the crawling up into a ball and crying. The screaming at the top of my voice and begging someone, anyone to take this chalice away from me. Don't give up hope lynn11, there are many examples of people, whilst not being cured are able to live a relatively normal life albeit with limitations, but at least free of the pain for the most part. xxx
  6. 1sweetie

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    Welcome to the board. We understand and I hope you find this board as helpful to you as it has been to me.

    Please know you are not alone.
  7. Redwillow

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    Welcome Lynn11

    There are a lot of nice people here. I hope you will keep coming back and posting.

    hugs Redwillow
  8. Yes fibro/cfs is a horror story to give to a person. When I was diangsed I bought a book from the arthritis fnd. and it had me so depressed reading how bad it was to your life. But I guess over the yrs. you just learn to deal with it, what choice do we have? I hope you enjoy this board.

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