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    Well I have been on Vicodin for 3 years now. About 2 years ago I told my dr that it wasn't working any more. He had me on 5/500 every 6 hours. Then in Aug I tore my Achilles Tendons both heels. the new dr told me we would try and see if they would heal on their own and I told him what I was on and hee said that wasn't strong and gave me 7.5/750 and told me to take two and put me in casts the removeble ones.I had Appt with FP Dr in oct and told him what the new dr put me on and it really helped my pain. What does he do writes me a RX for the same one he has been. Then I was going to have sugery in jan16 and I had a appt thet friday before I had surgery and told him the new dr gave me a RX for 7.5/750 for after sugery and showed it to him. He was a little mad cause he didn't think I need sugery. Well the day I cam home from after the sugery the dr gave hubby oxyodon 20 mg 1 every 12 hours. I had 20 pills. Well I took it for 2 days then the other meds was doing the job so I took them and stoped the oxyodon 20. Well 6 week later I had appt with FP dr and showed him the meds with pills still in there. and then told hime it was better then taking all the pills all day only had to take 1 in morning anf 1 at night. Will he truned to me and said I can't write you any more RX just take thoes. Then he asked me about Pain managment. I told him that would be great. Go ahead and make Appt for me. Will I got the letter from PM and it said that till they start give me my meds that my FP had to be the one to write them. Will I took the letter up there and got call from the nurise and she said he would not write a RX for me. So I said ok no trouble is there something he can give be if I have withdraws. She calls me back and he gave me 20 pill and use only when I had to cause that would be it for now. I go to PM on wed morning but they don't give out meds the first vist. So where do I go from here? I am haveing no trouble take 3 aday I was taking 8 in 24 hours. I am not addiced to the pills. Oh and he sent a RX for Suboxone. Told My pharmacy to give it back to dr I didn't need it thank you. I have been on 3 pills a day for almost 3 days now. I don't want the bottle of pills. But I do want all my pain to go away. I have never been high that I know of and I think I would know if I got hight or not. Well that is where I am standing now. I hope the PM can do something.

    Take care
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    So sorry you're having such a time of it. Do you have FM or CFS? What is your main concern right now? Are you worried about not having Vicodin after having been on it for so long? At least I think that's what I got out of your post-- sorry it was a little difficult to understand in places. I can appreciate how hard it is to write when pain levels are high.

    Let us know how things go for you.

    P.S. I have had ligament injuries as well, and they are difficult, to say the least. I find anti-inflammatories have a long term negative effect on ligaments' abilities to heal. It sounds like you've managed to avoid those so far, which is good. But that is only my experience-- mine was a lower back injury. How did you injure both your heels so badly? Poor thing!!
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    I have both. No not worried about not have meds I just don't want the pain I am in. I am not understanding my FP dr. at all. Don't know what to expect Wed I guess. And yes it is hard when you are in pain. I guess I feel he should have sent me to pain Managment along time ago. I have had this for 18 years. I am 51

    I was running across the road took maybe 3 steps and bang. Haavn't been able to walk since then. the sugery on right went great. Now for the left.

    Thank you for careing. Will write better later

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    You may not be interested in Suboxone but I want to say, if taken as prescribed (sublingually) you do not get any "high" feeling at all.

    Apparently heroin addicts try to "inject" it to get a high. For some true addicts, they will do anything to feel high but Subutex and Suboxone are very safe and considered mild opiates.

    I have been on Subutex for 2 years after getting off MS Contin. I never changed the dose of 16 mg day the entire time, and never had a high feeling. It also treats pain and has kept my fibro under control. There is never tolerance with Subutex/Suboxone. Also, it is much easier to taper off of Subutex.

    My pain doctor has many fibro patients on Subutex who are doing well. For several years I was in such pain with fibro I was bedridden and housebound. After being on MS Contin 9 months I could not stand the side effects and wanted to stop it without withdrawals.

    I transitioned to Subutex - 16 mg day and discovered it also controlled my fibro pain. The only other pain med I take is 2 Tylenol day and very rarely 1/2 Ultram.

    Years ago, prior to the MS Contin I was also using Vicodin and Soma. These days, sometimes I want to stop the Subutex but my pain doctor reminds me how sick I was before and I will always need something. I always want to think I will be cured. Last week the doctor finally told me I would never be better.

    That was bad to hear, but he is being honest I guess.

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