My story.. what do you think?

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    Here is what I am printing out to give to my doctor. Thoughts?.....

    In the fall of 2002, I first experienced intense debilitating migraines with neck stiffness. Went to the ER twice for IV pain meds and was referred to a neurologist. CT scans showed nothing.

    The neurologist sent me for MRIs immediately. The diagnosis was slipped cervical disks and I was given percocet, vicodin, flexiril and skelaxin. I was given an EMG and an NCV. Both showed weakness on my right side. Was given a cervical traction device to help the spine, but traction caused major migraines and I stopped. We tried Vioxx and it didn’t work. I was on Bextra for about two months and they took me off to try Celebrex after Bextra had some debate about possible heart issues.

    I went to a rheumatologist thinking this was the next logical step and I didn’t like how overmedicated I was. Bloodwork came back that I had inflammation in my joints, but I tested negative for everything else (Lyme, RA, Lupus, etc). I was given Celebrex which helped to some degree, but not completely. The official diagnosis was Fibromyalgia. We repeated a few tests, but all kept coming back negative.

    I stayed under the care of the rheumatologist until 2004 when I became pregnant with my son, Alex. I breastfed, so I stopped all medications. When he was about 16 months, we moved from NJ to PA. I got pregnant with my son Evan and stayed off medication. But after his birth, decided to go back to the rheumatologist to get back on medications, reassessed, etc. I tested a “slight positive” for Lupus and was retested. I also had mild hypothyroidism and was put on Levothyroxine.

    Symptoms have always been extreme fatigue, headaches (occasional migraines), muscle weakness and stiffness, tingling in the fingers (particularly on the right side), stiff neck, memory problems, sleep problems (fall asleep easily but restless), sensitivity to sound, heart racing, anxiety, TMJ, and other issues. I also had one miscarriage.

    In June of 2007, our dog who we adopted in the spring of 2002 and hiked with constantly in the woods of NJ tested positive for Lyme. We lived in Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset Counties in NJ.

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    Many of your sypmtoms are lyme disease symptoms. You lived in areas where this is common. I had several negative lyme tests before I tested positive with an Ingenex western blot.

    I would advise you to see if your doctor will give you an ingenex western blot.

    Good Luck!!
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    If your lyme doc says your Igenex western blot is negative please post results on this site. As many mainstreams docs do not know how to read a Western Blot.
    Don't settle for anything less then Igenex. You can search out thier web site and they will mail you a test kit to your home so that you can take it to your Dr. and lab.
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    Hi I only tested postive after treatment. I had lymes for so long I would show up negative on the western block test. My doctor was so sure that I was postive that he treated me and in 2 Weeks I tested postive. I also got very sick two days after treatment they call this herxing. Good luck most doctors would not treat you first but my doctor is lyme postive and so very smart. he is in Delaware County Pa close to you.