my stupid lung problem is back

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    i get this lung problem on and off. its not my regular asthma. its different. feels like a very mild infection that just wont go away. its been a month now. and running low fevers on and off and being more tired than my "regular tired". now i am sleeping 15 hrs a day or more. :( this sucks.

    i am taking more of my asthma meds to see if it helps. it wont, i can just tell. then i will see my dr- who will look at me like i am crazy when i say something is wrong with my lungs and its not just asthma. fun fun fun. i cant wait. maybe i will get to see a pulmonologist and have a boat load of tests. fantastic. (i haaate seeing drs and doing tons of tests).

    i think its a bacterial or viral infection related to my wacky immune system- CFS. maybe i will get antibiotics or anti virals????

    sick of being a sickie,

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    I got sick last December and thought it was just a flu bug. Went to GP doc and he prescribed antibiotics. After a week, I got worse, with a horrible dry cough and severe pain from the coughing. Doc ordered chest X-ray and it showed all clear. Then 2 days later I could not take it and went to ER.

    They immediately did a CT scan of my lungs and it showed both lungs completely filled with fluid. I had double pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for 15 days; 8 of those days in the ICU.

    My pulmonary doc told me I was VERY lucky to be alive and that I almost died. What a wake up call that was. This all happened so fast.

    So, to be on the safe side, please see a pulmonary doc ASAP and have them do a CT scan. X-rays can be useless.

    Please let me know how things are progressing with you and I will say a little prayer that you don't have anything like I did.