My symptoms keep changing

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    I wish I could figure out how fibro works. I think know how I will feel in any weather but then it changes and I hurt in places that have not hurt before. Today it is HOT , well for the past two weeks it has been 99 -103 here in Northern Utah. My left arm aches , it is the one I shattered my wrist and broke my radius , one would think it would not throb so much after 8 years have passed. But it does. In this heat I have had a headache and just dont' feel good.
    My body has been aching more and more and I am not doing all that much. It is too hot to go out side for a walk or even to drive to WAlmart as my car has no A/C and it makes me feel sick all over.
    HOw does fibro change , I have leg ache more often now and more headaches. I forget so much and it is stressful for me.
    I don't mean to complain about how I feel, I don't have any one to talk to about how I feel. I need to find a different doctor as mine worries more about my getting my knee's replaced than my having fibro.
    I don't understannd how this disdease can make my lifehage and be so different. I miss my old life where I could work and feel good about my slef. I don't understand why I hurt so much now and it is just getting worse.
    Thanks for listening.
    Hugs Rosemarie