My symptoms of mold exposure....................

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    This is for those of you who asked me to post my symptoms.

    I will at a later time post more of my story right now I just want to get the symptoms and basic info out there so I amy be able to save some of you a lot of grief and sickness!

    In the beginning of my exposure I had vertigo, lighheadedness, sore throat, itchy burning eyes, and an overwhelming feeling of sickness, and the feeling like I had NO brain I just couldn't think...... that started upon entering the building within 15 minutes and were somewaht relieved upon leaving.

    This went on for almost two years................during the beginning of year three of working in the building there was a lot more leaking and wetness and I was now working full time and this is when I realy got worse!

    I had trouble swallowing, wheezing in my lungs, sore throat, sinus inflamation and pain ( beyond belief )I developed laryngitis that lasted for over FOUR months, had vertigo, lightheadedness, balance problems, acid reflux, chest pain, shortness of breath, inability to concentrare, and many days I was so sick it was hard for me to sit up in my chair! Overall I literally and honestly felt like I was DYING! Every bit of my being felt POISONED!

    There was absolutely no DOUBT that I would become extremely worse after entering the building and being in there for any length of time and always a bit of relief once I was out of the building when I'd leave for the night.

    I became so ill that I even told my DR that I thought I was going to die very soon!

    THE REAL EYE OPENER and final straw that made me go to home depot and buy a home mold test kit for 10.00 was when my son and grandson started showing these same symptoms AFTER BEING IN MY WORK BUILDING FOR MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES my poor little Grandson became so sick and they couldn't find any reason for him being so sick ( his Dr thought is was from an allergy but what kind to make him have such a fever than wouldn't go away, rash, trouble breathing, wheezing, etc now I have to live with the fact that he has been exposed to a lethal form of mold and may be sick the rest of his life too!...............this can NO longer be blamed on fibromyalgia!

    I want to add that all during this time(s) I did mention it to my bosses, the building owner, I've made so many calls for help to no avail....... I was passed around and ignored like a hot diseased potato!

    For those of you who even suspect at all that you are sick from mold PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! Let me save you a lot to time, pain and grief maybe even your life!

    Go to home depot and buy a 10.00 test kit! A kindergartner can do this test its that easy!

    It cost 30.00 for a test report once you complete the test you seal it and send it to a company and they send you a report of exactly what type of mold you may be dealing with!

    "YEAH" they say it won't holdup in court,.... but it will give you proof and the ability to get someone to listen to you that can do somehting about it!

    in my case I have been exposed for so long that Im deeply concerned I may have permanant damage...NO ONE LISTENED TO ME OR CARED ENOUGH TO CHECK I had to do it myself.........NOW ,.......however there is a huge probability that a class action law suit will follow...... many many people were exposed to this mold because NO ONE LISTENED to me and thats unacceptable!

    I hope this helps those of you who have concerns or questions.............please write to me with ANY and ALL questions you may have I don't want anybody to go through what I have! I am here for you !

    I will as I said post my testimonial for you a little later .......

    P.S. I forgot to add that the last few weeks of my exposure I had extremly bad stomach cramps and pain, lost about 14 pounds without trying, and developed a urinary tract infection, I am sure I need to have extensive testing done to see what else may or may not be damaged from this!

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  2. rrsbaby

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    I am also allergic to mold. Found this out when getting an injection of penicillon at the doctors office.... He told my mother for me to ever take any type of cillon drug.

    Went on for years every time I was around I would get sineus, teeth hurt, headache,cough, no rash of any kind.

    Finally went and had an allergy test, bingo, I am very allergic to mold. I swear I can smell it if the is even a tiny amount around in a building,leaves in the woods, ect.

    I took allergy injections for 5 years twice a week, and they did work, just got sick of it and quit going, I now take allegra every day, and some days benedryl with it.
    Hugs, rrsbaby
  3. lrgatplay

    lrgatplay New Member

    Maybe this question has been asked and I didn't see it, but you said this is a school. What kind? Do any of your students have any unusual symptoms?
    If so, maybe you can talk to them or their parents and get some help in numbers.

    The place sounds like it needs to be shut down.

    I am sorry for your suffering.
    Good luck.

  4. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    First of all let me say thank you for your post to me!

    The school I teach at is a private tech type school ( I have to be vague because of how the moderators are always reminding us to keep our identities safe) no offense to you I promise !

    But.....most of the students are in the building for no longer than two hours a day and the course is only about 6 weeks long!

    I am sure that a lot of them did have symptoms and reactions from the mold.................but probably thought they were sick from just being sick and had no clue it was from mold!

    Fortunately for the students they aren't around for too long..............because if they were I know they all be as sick as me!

    Iam fairly sure that this could blow into a class action suit ............we'll see!

    Thanks again
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  5. lynncats

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    just saw your thread. WOW! I've been wondering about the mold thing also. In 2004 I worked in a modular building, and every morning when I arrived, I would start sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, just feeling uckey. The people I worked with would always say, darn girl, you must have allergies. Well one day, I heard some people saying there was mold in the building. Went to my dr. and she prescribed clarinex. Well I lost my job, due to missing work from feeling like crap (I worked in this building thru a temp service). Tried for unemployment, got it, then they took it away, stating something to the effect that I missed to much work, unnecessarily. I am still trying to pay back unemployment. This was all in 04. From then I was getting worse, body aches, like the darn flu. Dr. after Dr. appts., blood work, you name it. Well finally in feb. '09 I found a good rheumy, and she dx. FM. My mother mentioned the mold thing, so when I go back to rheumy in April I will ask her about it. I'm wondering if there is a way to prove that maybe the mold thing has something to do with triggering my FM (if so would love to not pay what is left for me to pay to unemployment)

    most days are awful, pain, pain and more pain, aches, crying spells, depression, irritable.

    I also have the beginning of emphesema, degen. disc disease, diverculitis, now I may have a circulation problem, going to vascular surgeon this week. Also have what they think is livido retecularis, my legs look awful, especially in the thigh area. Looks like red/splotcy spider webs. I'm sure I'm leaving some things out, but my mind isn't like it used to be.

    Well enough of my problems, I sure hope things are looking better for you, i'm really glad i found your comment. Take care and thanks for listening.


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