My T4 is slightly this something

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    Heya all. I was wondering if I could maybe get some feedback. After over 3 years of being ill a test is finally out of range. BUT the dr. does not seem to think it is anything??? I know some drs. read your bloodwork differntly. MY T4 TOTAL is slightly out of range. Everthing else,meaning T3 Uptake , T4 Free caculated, and TSH is normal. Any feedback.? I still think they are missing something? I have major hair loss still going on for over 3 years. Yes I am the one always posting about my hairloss. I am obbssesed!!LOL Wondering if they are missing a thyroid problem . I am not overweight though, but unable to really do any exercise other than take walks sometimes.! thank you all..have a nice day!!!!! WW68 I was also tested for hoshimotos 2 years ago...cannot get a dr. to retest me though
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    get a second opinion or see a endocrinologist. High thyroid can make you just as tired as low thyroid. It seems contradictory but it is true. When mine was undiagnosed I literally crawled up the stairs to my apartment, I had no strength. A friend made horrible fun of me because I drove to the bus stop to go to work.

    Get it checked out!!

    Rooting for you,
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    There is something to be said about the thyroid, geez, it contributes to all organ systems. I would go to an endocrinolgist, though that might not get you far either. After years of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, with normal or low normal test results. I am not finally seeing a doc that understands the blah I am feeling. And have been diagnosed with clinical hypothyroidism, and recently started taking a T3 hormone. I know it is frustrating to find a doc that will listen and truely try to understand, but keep trying!!!
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    The American College of Endocrinology recently changed the acceptable upper limits for the TSH test, but my regular doctor had not heard of this, my Rheumy had not heard, and I'd bet some Endocrinologists have not even heard it. Look at how busy the average doctor's day is...when do they have time to keep up with what's new in medicine?! So...we have to do it for ourselves.
    If your TSH is higher than 3.0, you are now officially hypothyroid. Some experts say most adult females feel best with a TSH as close to 1.0 as possible. One expert I read said that if your family has a history of either hypothyroid or depression, you should never allow your TSH to get any higher than 2.0.
    I had never been treated until recently, though my TSH always ranged between 2.8 and 4.2. I was told over and over again that anything under 5.5 was normal. I am now being treated, and what a difference!!! It has only been 8 days since I started thyroid hormone, but if this keeps up, I will be able to return to work after 17 yrs. of being out of work due to FMS!
    I am taking natural Armour Thyroid, as I could not tolerate Synthroid and wanted to get all of the components of thyroid in my medicine, not just the T4.
    Lastly, have you been tested for Lupus with an ANA test? I know of people with that who have lost lots of hair also.
    Keep us posted,