My thoughts on picking up our cross and followng Him

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    I've had this thought rolling around in side of me, and well, I am just going to share it.
    One of hardest lessons (I can be a real "mule head") I have ever had to learn was on the subject of prayer vrs. our will. Years ago, when I was praying for my ex, who I have talked about-the one who was mentally ill.I just couldn't understand why my prayers didn't seem to be having any effect. Certianlly, God is more poweful than the enemy, and I was walking in faith. I also had been working on me, and my actions..was I walking in love, was I forgiving etc etc.
    Then one day, I realized God is a Gentleman. He never ever forces his will upon us..that's why he said, "anybody that will come," "those who knock"..."follow me"...etc. Just how many of us who now enjoy the salvation of God, got to this point without inviting Jesus into our hearts? Not one of us.
    I am a very big believer in that God can do anything, but he cannot save, deliver, heal is we don't accept it.
    When I first met my ex-husband, I was a way from the Lord to some extent and Eddie and I lived together for about 6 years.I slowly came back to the Lord, as I heeded his call to come home. We had just moved back to VA. to be with his family, and Eddie had accepted Jeusus as his Savior, but I didn't feel right about us living together. Also, he had already showed signs of being abusive, and I wasn't to sure I wanted to marry him, and live through that again. I finally told him I didn't want to marry him, and he didn't take it to well. He had a lot of anger, and became suicidal and was really trying to maniputlate me.
    I had a wonderful little apartment, a job in the ice cream/donut shop run by some people in the church. I had all my wonderful friends from the church. I was very happy, very at peace. One day, when I returned home from my job, and entered into my apartment, there sat Eddie. He was filled with rage and refused to leave. The landlord, having known him since he was a youngster let him in when he requested it, so there he sat waiting for me. Now Eddie was a man that most people just didn't mess with. He was 6'8 and weighed a good 300 lbs. When I realized he wasn't about to leave, I stepped out and went to the phone booth and called my pastor, I didn't want to call the police. Being a person of faith, I knew that the best help for him would come through my pastor and the elders from the Church.
    I was shocked,when pastor told me to call the police, and more than shocked when he asked me "Do you want to live like this the rest of your life?" Where was his faith? This was my pastor,telling me to turn to the world for a solution. Well, what my Pastor realized that I didn't was that Eddie was not yet willing to accept the healing and the discipline of the Father. To make a long story short, I married him, and 5 years later had to leave because he tried to kill me. Now something good comes from everything we go through, and I learned a lot. Our Father, who is the most wonderful father in the world does have one limitation. WE HAVE TO BE WILLING TO ACCEPT WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR US. I am not even suggesting that we should keep praying. I am suggesting that we use wisdom when we do pray. Part of that wisdom is asking the Father to make our loved ones, and those we pray for WILLING to accept his Grace and Mercy. To often in order to obtain that willingness, those for whom we are praying must go through some pretty hard times. The Father knows I would prefer that they didn't, and I know that He would prefer that they didn't and I know you prefer that they didn't. I am often reminded that the scripture says "What does is profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?" God is willing that none should perish, but they must be willing to accept the alternative.
    So what do we do while we are waiting? Keep praying, keep claiming Gods promises, bind the enemy, and pray that the hearts of those for whom we pray will be softened. Pray that they will be made willing.
    It is very heartbreaking, to see those we love and care for suffer, but how much more is God's heart breaking? He loves them too, and gave the life of his Son so that they should not have to suffer.I know our Heavenly Father knows how hard it is to see our loved ones suffer, even He had to turn his back on His Son, but it was for a moment. How must have he felt to see His Son being wipped, and beaten, and hanging on that piece of wood? Tough love was not a thing that we humans invented, God knew what it meant. And because he knows what we feel, he is able to comfort us through these times. Let us continue and not be weary in our well doing...keep standing in the gap, and keep beliving in Gods promises, just pray wisely, and run the race. Giving birth is never easy,and there are times of travail, but in the end, the joy makes us forget the pain.
    The process is the same in the spiritual sense.
    I embrace you all today. Let God encourage your hearts, set your eyes of the Prize, and know that God loves us all.

    I don't like it much when the Father lays things like this on my heart, I would rather quote His promises, and build everyone up. I like being the "cheerleader" as Debbie described me. But I know that there is more to our walk than leading the parade, we have a cross to carry also. If I didnt care, I wouldn't share these things. God is God of the Mountian Tops, and Lord of the Valley as well, and He does carry our burdens. Not one tear goes unnoticed, not one prayer unheard, and He knows...He knows ..the weight we carry for He has carried the weight of the world. Hugs to you all
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    Have you ever considered writing a book? You write so beautiful and are so full of wisdom. I really enjoy reading your post. They are so full of TRUTH. God Bless You. I am continuing praying for you and Michael. Love, mama
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    While you were posting this, I was editing...I added a little at the end.
    I would love to write a book, really, I have talked about it to Michael sevral times. Just don't know the first things about it...Guess I could learn huh?
    Actually, when the Lord lays something on my heart, the words just flow. I love this site, and the people who share it with me. I pray everyday that the Holy Spirit will give the words that I need to share. When things get to rolling around inside, I know it's Him, and I try to be obedient. Thank you for your encouragement. You write very well yourself! I love reading your posts. Hugs to you today,
    I am going to go and drink my coffee now, it's just now 8 am here, and I haven't even got woke up yet...
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    What a strong message !I certainly wish you lived next to me or me to you. Have you ever led a bible study or counseled? The world needs christian counselers and you sure are a bleesing in that area.I also agree you should write a book!Keep on sharing your feelings they are from the Lord. Hugs and Blessings to your house.
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    the fibro kicked in, I was in school to get my degrees to become a social worker, I wanted to do some counseling. I have always had a heart for people, and I have been is so many "messes" that I have learned a lot about the Love of my Father. Love, that's all it is..God gave it to me, and I can't keep it in. Where there has been much sin and then forgiveness, there is much love, it just can't be helped!
    We all will be neighbors some day! Glory!
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    I did read this the first day - but the brain fog was/is so great - I forget what I read - this is sooo good, Takesha - that others need to read it - and me - reread it again and again.

    God's love and Peace to you, Marian
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    You definitely need to write a book Takesha. You have had your share of hardships and have still endured. You are still standing by the Lord and holding his hand ans letting him guide. Praise the Lord and I feel blessed to know you .
    Thanks for what you have given me.

    Amen, Danny
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    It's been a real uplift, which I badly needed today