my tinitus is getting

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  1. clerty

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    worse I had got used to all the ringing noises now it is driving me mad it is really bad is there nothing they the doctors can do why would this happen?

  2. greatgran

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    Clertyx, I have had tinitus for over 6 years, 24/7, at times it is much worse than others, especially if I am tired, overdo or my allergies/sinuses are acting up..

    I take xanax which helps, not sure if it just helps me tolerate the ringing or if it tones it down some..It never goes away.

    I am not sure why this happens and I haven't found a doctor that seems concerned..I just try to tolerate it and after 6 years I guess its not fatal..

    Just part of this so many unexplained things.

    Sorry, you have to suffer with this,
  3. charlenef

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    tmj or something else i have a website for you to google that might help hyperacusis network the have a pink noise cd you can listen to it is for tinitus and hyperacusis(hearing too loud) i have both good luck charlene
  4. clerty

    clerty New Member

    really anoying I think the my 15 hrs flight last week has
    made them worse!!!

  5. pegshell

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    I had dental work done about 6 months ago and they threw my whole jaw/bite off..Now I have Brutal Face Pain and Tinnitus so bad it is driving me nuts..I don't hear noises..I hear songs..I heard Silent Night for at least 3 months and couldnt understand why someone in my building would be playing it after Xmas before I realized its just me haering it..Now I hear the National Anthem!! UGH!! All the time! My Doc says he has heard of this before in fibro cases but knows of no remedy!
  6. EllenComstock

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    I used to have this, too, especially at night which was so annoying. I'm not sure why, but it has been gone for several years now. I grind my teeth at night and after I got my tooth guard, the ringing went away. I asked my dentist about this and he said this sometimes happens.

    There are several reasons for tinnititis (sp?). One of which is hearing loss. You might schedule a hearing test and see if this is your problem.

  7. clerty

    clerty New Member

    founf nothing myt ears feel really full perhaps I have blocked mucus I will take some guai and try that.

  8. Engel

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    I think using that cpap is helping some. I still have the constant ringing but not as loud as it was. It is maddening.
  9. BobinGermany

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    My Mom had severe tinitus many years ago and had all of the tests, etc and they could offer 2 options. One was to operate and cut the nerve to the eardrum which I guess would cause permanent hearing loss BUT the other option was a tiny hearing aid like thing that you wear and it puts white noise into your ear and is supposed to help. They are not cheap though but just thought I would mention it.
    God Bless,
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  11. clerty

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    might be interested !!!

  12. ephemera

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    mine have been ringing more lately, ususally as an early sign for a migraine.

    I've got a brain MRI scheduled in 2 wks. Ugh... my ears are cringing already with the sound...

    the MRI is in relation to all my sensory overload problems & perhaps kindling.
  13. wildflowers2

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    I have had it for over20 years. Had surgery in the mid 80's to try to 'correct' it so I could hear.

    it was a 50/50 chance it would work and it didnt so then it was a 99/1 I would go deaf in one ear..
    I was supposed to have the other ear done but said forget it!

    The odds stink...Had it done in Phila, PA by one of the top ear doctors.

    They have appliances that'mask' the sounds....a good trained audiologist can help.

    also google tinnitus and there are severl organizations.

    Me, you learn toget used to it.
    Does it bother me......Yes, it does.....

    Can I do anything for it...NO.....NO snake oil for this one.