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  1. Jill

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    has anyone experienced painful toes? It isn't the nerves - I just got over neuromae so I know it is a different pain. I also experience pain in the sacroilliac joints - anyone else ? If so what do you about it and also about the toes? Thanks
  2. AllWXRider

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    My doc taught me a trick: Squeeze your big toe at the nail, it goes white. Let it go, it should turn pink quickly. Circulation problems usually begin in the toes. Us CFS (ME) ppl usually have slow circulation from fibrin anyhow. Proteolytic enzymes can help with dissolving it OR my dietician daughter tells me to think more natural...OK...pineapple, papaya, melons, kiwi.

    These fruits in their raw or frozen state are rich in protien dissolving enzymes. Cooking, canning, pasteurization destroys all enzymes...sorry.

    Other conditions that come to mind are diabetes (diabetic neuropathy) and various Vit B deficiencies. Methyl B12 is getting a lot of reviews lately. CyanoB12 is a synthetic and doesn't work for some ppl.

    Also, an infection in the nerves can cause pain. Boosting your immune system is your best hope here. I like ProBoost Thymus extract for those nasty pop up infections. My fatigue doc carries them in her purse...that should tell you a lot.

    Papaya Juice (needs a juicer machine)
    1/4 papaya or enuf for one glass
    1/2 lime (wash but don't peel)
    2 packets Truvia (refined stevia)

    The enzymes in the papaya will clean you out! Not diarrhea, but pure and simple digestion. Like when you were a just got hungry real soon...remember those days?
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    I forgot about gout. these are uric acid crystals that are heavier than our blood so they collect in the toes first. If you squeeze the bump and it moves, its probably gout. If its fixed, solid, its probably arthur coming to visit you.

    There is hope for either case...need more data.

    "In God we trust...all others bring data"
  4. SwatWife525

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    My SI joints HURT very bad most days. I wish I could tell you that I have found something to take the pain away other than a pain pill.

    Hope you feel better. God be with you.