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  1. petechan

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    Hi, I was found to have this parasite in february 2008 after a blood test after 15 years of illness after returning from a holiday abroad.After a short course of ivermectin all of my symptoms disappeared.Inflamation in my muscles, a slightly raised temperature, extreeme exhaustion,and what I class to be of great importance a fine german measles type rash which runs around my torso, just under my bust and mainly seen in the mornings.Unfortunatly just 12 days later my symptoms returned and the rash was much deeper and even showed as two rings across my body. I then picked up a bad broncitus infection and was in bed for over 8 weeks,I am now unable to walk for more than 20 metres without the aid of a stick and for longer journeys I have to use a wheelchair, both of which I have never used before.I would like to speak to anyone who has started this treatment and has benefited from it.
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    If you've been sick with the parasite a long time, you might need to be on that drug a long time. Even if they tell you it works right away, it doesn't, especially in cases of someone who's been infested for a very long time.
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    and I used ivermectin. The lifecycle of some of the parasites (for dogs) is 10 days.

    I treated my dogs with first round of medication, usuall for 10 days or 21 days depending on illness. Then did a short 5 day round every ten days.

    Can you research the lifecycle of the lungworm and then take medication continuously through several lifecycles.

    That is what I would do. Also, I would use the various medications in revolving pattern so that they cannot develop resistance.

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    You've had some good advice here and I hope others will contribute their experiences.

    I don't know if you have read one researcher's discovery on the incidence of lungworm in CFS; if not you can read about it at

    tc, Tansy

  5. Bluebottle

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    It sounds as if you cleared the live worms, but then the eggs hatched & took advantage of your lowered immune system during the bronchitis.

    I've just been diagnoses with cryptostrongulus pulmoni worms. The doctor that found them is recommending 12mg Ivermectin a day for three days, then one dose every four weeks for six months.

    He also recommends a cyclic course of three antibiotics, two weeks on each, then one week off, then repeat.

    He tests again after three months, using a Darkfield microscope.

    I don't have his written instructions yet but if you wish will share the info with you when it arrives. One of the antibiotics is Amoxicillin, the second Doxicycline & I didn't catch the name of other one on the phone.

    Hulda Clark do a parasite clearing regime that has three herbs, including wormwood.
  6. marti_zavala

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    I hope no one is offended that I am offering my experience with these medications as they refer to dogs. Please tell me and I will delete my posts.

    While some parasite have a ten day cycle, some are longer.

    Canine heartworm is the same way. Here is how you treat it - ivermectin once a month for two years. The first couple of doses kills the live worms. But heartworm lives in other hibernated forms so if a dog has heartworms (some vets will insist that they could through the very harmful, very expensive treatments). Other vets will say, just continue the heartworm treatments and retest at the end of two years. A dog who has had continuous, regular monthly heartworm medication should be free after two years.

    Perhaps the lungworm has the same lifecycle? Just throwing it out there - hope it doesn't offend.

    I have learned alot about this illness from my veterninary books.

  7. Bella34

    Bella34 New Member

    Fun thing with parasites is they multiply. The longer they are there, the more that is produced and the more time it takes to get rid of them. However, the brocitus infection may also be still causing problems which can be what is making you extremely weak. Research the Marshall Protocol and it will help make sense of how bacterias work if nothing else. Take care.

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