My Treatment plan always involves a chiropractor.

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    I go regularly to see my chiro, about every 4 weeks and he does wonders for my FM, arthritis, broken back, and pain. I called him last week, to schedule an appointment,, because it doesn't seem to work right, is not in line with swelling and poor circulation. At this stage it should be getting better, (injury occurred June 15th, 2010.)

    Today was the first time he could do a more in dept assessment. He discovered the bones involved were not in line and causing a lot of pain and pinching nerves. I could of laughed and said,' I could of told you so,' but did not, because I was hurting too much. He said I needed some adjustments, I cringed because I knew when he did it, there would be increased pain.

    I looked at him, gritted my teeth, and said, "You might as well do what you need to do, and I will try not to bust your eardrums, because I know it will hurt.”

    He did and hurt was a minor word to say. However, when things started to calm down I noticed improved the color and circulation, better range of motion, and open up pathways.

    What I cannot understand is why the ortho doc did not do this or send me to the chiropractor? I also cannot understand why my Ortho-doctor said no exercise. I know as an RN if you do not do gentle stretching one, even when it hurts, you end up with more trouble moving it in the future.

    My chiropractor agreed with my plan of action, which was to continue to do the 10 stretches they gave me in rehab, plus some more aggressive, done with the help of hubby.

    Its six hours later and even though I cannot sleep, I do not have all the pain I had yesterday. I do feel like I have been pulled like taffy. I plan to take things slow. I plan to see the chiro weekly, as well as the massage therapist who uses a Hivamat 200, and do the exercises I did in rehab, at home.

    Thanks for letting me post, any and all advice welcome HUGGIES Denna
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    When I first came to Dr. Roman for help, I had been suffering for 5 years. I had been given muscle relaxers, pains killers and physical therapy. I tried shots, massages and over the counter pain relievers. All of this to no avail. When I saw an ad in a local paper and the story about shoulder pain, I was amazed that Dr. Roman knew exactly what I was suffering from. I cant thank him enough for giving me my life back. I have never gone to a Doctor's office where I felt more comfortable, more important and at ease.I contacted Chiropractor Suwanee GA [This Message was Edited on 01/12/2011]

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