My trip to Montserat Monastery in Catalonia

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    Hi Friends,
    I'm just back from Barcelona and am shattered but wanted to tell you all how beutiful Montserat Monastery is.

    It is an hours train ride out of Barcelona, on a very clean train, when you get there, you have to take a cable car to get to the monastery as it is on the top of a very steep mountain.

    The church is stunningly beautiful and there was a childrens choir which sounded glorious. The Black Madonnas' Shrine is in the church, she is the one who was elected Pope centuries ago - the statue, that is.

    They also have a walkway which is full of candles, it is beutiful, each one is a prayer. I lit a candle and said a prayer for all my cyber buddies that you would all find peace, release from pain or the strength to cope with what this illness throws at us all.

    I also said thank you to God for the gift He gave me when i found this board and made so many wonderful friends.

    I posted a full report of my trip on the CC board but felt that this experience belonged here and wanted to share the beauty of the place with y'all.

    Much love, Andrea xxx