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    ok..i've had cfs for 7 years or so..ive seen many docs with no progress in my condition..well i recently started seeing an alternative medicine doc who diagnosed me with wilsons syndrome which is hypothyroidism..he diagnosed me not by a blood test but by my constantly low body temperature(mine was 97.8)..he started me on a sustained release t-3 therapy about 2 weeks ago in hopes to raise my body temperature to normal and hopefully alieviate my chronic fatigue..well in the past 2 weeks i my body temperature has risen to a consistent 98.6 in the last 3 days..I have noticed my energy level has went up some but it feels more like a cns stimulant type of energy(kind of like effedra feels) not sure if this therapy is the "cure" but it has helped some..maybe it will take a while for my body to re-calibrate itself..
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    a low level of anxiety that I usually don't have. If it raised your energy level and body temp- good for you. All I got was anxious. Need to call my doc. . .
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    Dear g868,

    Are you still being treated for Wilsons?

    -Newbie from S.F.

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