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    I have been on Immune care 64 for about 6 mos . I DO BELIEVE THIS STUFF WORKS for viral pathogens and DEFINITELY boosts the immune system overall .

    I can not say I am totally cured , but definitely life is easier . Unfortunately I still have to eliminate the mycoplasma infection( will be returning to ABX via Marshall Protocol) before I can feel optimally well .
    For those considering TF , I encourage you to give it a try and stick out the first two months which are often challenging ( sometimes miserable. )

    I plan to stay on Immune Care 64 for a LONG TIME , as nothing else has had such a helpful effect for me. I also credit glutathione supplementation and low dose naltrexone for strengthening my immune system . I may never return to being a firecracker with abundant energy , but my illness has definitely been helped by TF. Just wish it were cheaper . I also want to credit Dr Sujay, a member here , for her suggestions regarding TF, low dose naltrexone, and glutathione !!

    As an added note I would like to suggest something else that is DEFINITELY helping me FEEL BETTER ( much less achey and fatigued) . I read about QUERCETIN on the Marshall Protocol site ( Dr Marshall's suggestion) for diminishing the nasty herx symptoms we experience . Quercetin is a bioflavanoid and cheap . It helps our bodies resist the production of inflammatory cytokines ( which make us feel rotten) as a result of systemic infections/ pathogens .

    I would NOT take it at the exact time of the TF ( colostrum is a senstive product) but maybe a half hour before or after. There is a good chance this will be helpful with adjusting to the TF. It really helps with ABX therapy.

    Good luck to all here!
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  2. Mikie

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    Thanks for the update. I wish you well on the MP and hope you keep us updated on your progress with it.

    I agree about not giving up on the TF the first two months. The only way I was able to tolerate it was to take very small amounts and build up. I have found it to be more effective for me if I don't take it every day. Anything which kills pathogens seems to work more effectively when pulsed.

    Again, good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. spacee

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    Thanks for your info! I have been on my transfer factor for just over a year. I am better for which I am grateful. But I am no longer improving. So, on to the mycos. Hope my doc is open to the Marshall Protocol. We will see.

  4. Plantscaper

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    The main problem with MP is that one has to give up the TF..and most supplements..AS WELL AS, the sun and anything containing Vitamin D..It might be worth this, but only time will tell...

    As TF has been so effective, I am not willing, yet, to do this..


    ANNXYZ New Member

    I may do the MP also, but I will stay on Transfer factor , at least at a maintenance dose .