my usband still says don't work

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    Hello everyone: Well after reading more about the long hall of disability and getting really discouraged about what the outcome may be, I told my husband I should really try to go back to work.

    H hesatenly said you can't work how can you work you can barely do house work. I know he means well but I think he really wants me to work harder around the house.

    LIke he doesn't want me working 2 jobs just one that being the house. Thing is he's right its getting harder and harder for me to do house work.

    I don't know what to do about that. and can anyone tell me how you get diagnosed with CFS? I never have just fibro. even though I have the symptoms for both and have told my doctors.
    But they still just say fibro is there a blood test that shows conclusively weather or not you have CFS?

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    You should ask your doctor for a referral to a Rheumatologist. FM can be diagnosed by tender points, and a good Rheumy should be able to diagnose CFS by your history. I belive FM and CFS is one and the same thing with many symptoms, some patients lean toward one end (FM) than the other (CFS), yet others are somewhere in the middle.

    You could look for a post by fight4acure (type into the search bar on this page) and look for a post that says something like "lets get together and post all the research about this DD". Knowledge is power, you have to be your own advocate, sometimes telling a doc straight out that you suspect CFS is the way to go.

    I think your husband meant that he worries that working is just going to make you sicker.

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    my GP did refer me to a rheumatologist and I have been seeing one but he never diagnosed me wiht either just kept saying I didn't have any inflamation even though my GP said I did.

    Not only that but my GP said ,y sed rate was too high put me on predisone for a while but I was not responding to that so she sent me to a rheumy he said my sed rate was not that high and.

    My GP thought I had polymyalgia but he said I don't he has not diagnosed me with anything at all but 4 other docs said fibro go figure.

    I agree that fibro and CFS are one in the same but I can't convice the docs around here. now my have no doc at all.