My view on differences in any one singal religion

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    my opinion is religions are based on interpretation. No 2 faiths in the same religion are EXACTLY the same(like snow flakes), because they are all based on personal interpretation. meaning, it is subjective, unless you have an exact clone which is highly unlikely. Each sentence in the bible or koran ect... will have a slightly different meaning to each person who reads it, even if it is a minute difference. one word can have many meanings and tones. put these words together and that further diversifies the possible interpretations of just one sentence. then, put together a whole book and you have over a billion possibilities.

    example: you can have 'person A', who hangs on every single word of their book and in their own eyes, they are a strict devout religious person with a strong faith.

    but, 'person B' can go through the exact same process and come to a different conclusion. they may perceive their own interpretation be even more strict and have a "stronger" faith. therefore, in their own eyes, 'person A' is a sinner.

    just look at the wide range of people who worship the koran for example. some focus on peace, some focus on hate and violence and some are everywhere in between. however, many claim that they are right and the other group is misguided. This conflict is found in all religions. (I'm not just singling out Muslims). who is to say they are holier-than-thou?

    my point is its all based on personal interpretation.
  2. bakeman

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    that's my point exactly.
  3. Rafiki

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    I hear you.

    I've never actually looked at it exactly like that before - that each individual will always see things from their own perspective. I understood it in broader strokes but your precise parsing of religious belief is very interesting.

    In the broad strokes, and the tiny ones, I think it is a good thing. It frightens me when people fall into lock step in their belief about anything. I think you understand what I'm saying.

    I also appreciated your Deep Thoughts posts. A sense of humour about ourselves is as essential as our ability to have different perspectives and different views.

    There is a place for Clapton and for Hendrix.
    I hope I do not offend!

    Peace out,

  4. Rafiki

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    You weren't hallucinating.

    Peace out,

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    Even in the Christian religions, there are Baptist, Methodist, Catholic and many others and each teach their own way. I personally didn't approve of Oral Roberts where several times he said God will call him home (he will die) unless he raises $8 million (or however much) for something. So I believe that even in the Christian faith, pastors and priests do interpret the Bible differently according to the denominations they belong to and style of preaching they do.

    An ex-nun was attending the large Catholic church nearby and she became the first and only person ever asked to leave that church I was told because she stirred up chaos, was condescending and presecuting to members and clashed with the heads of the church over her religious beliefs. I wished she had been a kind person and less devious in her own personal life away from church.

    And different interpretations among Christians is not evil at all, it is that different denomination worship differently and interpret the Bible differently. Some preach heavily on the fire and brimstone and hell, and others preach the kindness, loving and forgiveness. Peace and love to everyone.
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    rafiki- more deep thoughts to come. sure there is room for clapton. i never got too into him, but i know in the 60's they called him god so be doing something right.

    julie- "One thing that I personally don't believe is open to interpretation, is that the way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ". thanks for the input. people agree to disagree. that is your view and many others too. what i like about your post is the tolerance and openness. you don't seem threatened by people who think otherwise. i guess what i'm getting at is we all disagree and try to reason and sometimes we argue but how far are people willing to go to uphold/prove ect... their beliefs is the real issue. look what the extremists did to the Buddhas. at what point is far too far. when are the means not worth ends. its a social societal issue and a world issue with no easy answer. that's why i like moderate philosophies. but hey that's just my interpretation.

    2cats- i couldn't agree more.[This Message was Edited on 01/29/2009]

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