My visit to a psychic who claims to be able to diagnose illnesses

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greeneyes24, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. greeneyes24

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    I have heard of this woman from friends, how she saved lives by diagnosing cancers early, and how she is able to see what's wrong with you just by going over your body with her hands. She can't cure anything, but she can find out where is the problem.
    In my desparate search for help, and having it cost only $30, I decided to give her a go. I went to her apartment with my mum and was suprised to find that she barely speaks any english. She's russian and I can speak a little bit of russian so that was ok. She didn't ask me for my symptoms, in fact she didn't ask me a thing and started with her hands going over my head first. She said immediatly there is something wrong there. Not a tumour, but some sort of infection/imflammation of one of the envelopes of my brain. Then she said how I have narrow ear canals and have had lots of ear infections in the past but don't have one now (true).
    Then she went down and said there is something wrong with my gallbladder, she can't see exactly what but I should get it checked out (possible as I do get nausea a lot).
    What really stunned me is that when she went over my ovaries she said that I have small cyst on my left ovary (EXACTLY RIGHT i had an ultrasound few weeks earlier).
    She also said how my right kidney is not properly formed (also true I was born with a double canal system there).
    Basically she was amazingly accurate about lots of things.
    She said that I was unwell at the moment due to that inflammation in my brain.
    When I went home I did some reasearch on the net and couldn't find any conditions that consist of inflammation of envelopes of the brain that are consistent with my symptoms.
    Still she was right on so many things that I'm considering asking for an MRI of my head (I never had one done). Of course I wouldn't mention the psychic but I was just wandering do any of you have any advice and what do you think of the whole thing?
  2. yellowbird

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    What an interesting visit! If the lady was right about your ears, ovary, kidney, then who is to say she's not right about the inflammation. Does that kind of thing show up on an MRI, I wonder? And could doctors do something about it? I guess you have nothing to lose by pursuing this... keep us posted as to what you decide to do.

  3. greeneyes24

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    that it might not show up on MRI, but will show up for sure if I do lumbar puncture.
  4. greeneyes24

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    When I had my first CFS attack which lasted 3.5 years, my grandmother was so worried about me that she consulted a psychic. Some lady who lives in mountains by herself and is amazingly accurate. She said how I will get better by 2000 and will finish university, marry later in life and have 2 kids and how my younger brother will start a very profitable business. I didn't think much of it at the time. It was 1999 and I was still pretty sick I thought no way will I be better by 2000. But she was right, I began improving so much that by 2000 I was back at university after 3.5 years of being home bound. I graduated few years later. And about my brother he really DID start an internet business and now my father is working part time to help him with it, it's going so well.
    However she didn't see that I will have this relapse I'm having now :( and as for marriage and 2 kids that's yet to happen.
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    even in brain tissues, did you have a PCR mycos test yet? Maybe she should work in a docs office, it sounds like she knows more than the avg doctor!!! BLessings, Iggy
  6. greeneyes24

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    What is PCR? I had normal myco blood test and it was negative :(
  7. crissyfamily

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    PCR Test is a polymer chain reaction test that is done to detect mycos and other bacteria and critters that may be causing some of these problems. Read up on Dr. Garth Nicholson on the internet and also MD Labs (they do PCR testing) in I think new jersey....that will give you some insight into the tests...

    I'm sure iggy can be more helpful...

    take care..
  8. PatPalmer

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    Yes, i`ve come across some really good psychics, not many of em around. We`ve had some amazing experiences.

    Just a thought about the inflammation, If she is right (which I don`t doubt) it will be caused by some kind of virus or bacteria. Specifically the Mycoplasma.

    You could try taking Olive Leaf Extract, - just about the best natural antibiotic along with raw garlic on the planet.

    Love Pat.

  9. klutzo

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    by Chris Dufresne (Sylvia Browne's son). All he knew was my name going into it....He told me I had Fibromyalgia, and he told me it is caused by a virus and will not be cured within my life time. He also told me many other specific things that have come true.
    A lumbar puncture is no big deal as long as you lay flat afterwards so you don't get a headache. It might be worth it to get one done.
    There is no such thing as putting a curse on someone, unless you choose to believe it and thus make it come true all by yourself. I would disregard that person.
    Let us know what you find out.
  10. tandy

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    I'm neither a believer or a non-believer.....but this would have freaked me right out!!! I got goosey bumps when I read this.....since she was so accurate on many things!!
    I'd like to see a psychic,but i'd be afraid of what she might say!! thats creepy!!
  11. colinjn

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    I've been to a variety of psychics and alternative healers who work outside of the allopathic paradigm and have noticed a common element regarding CFS/ME. It is such a nebulous condition that they have a hard time focusing on it. As a consequence they will pick up on one area that fits in with their own experience and deal with that. It is a bit like the parable of the blind men and the elephant. And unfortunatly I have found them to have been of little help in getting better.

    Not one has given me a complete picture of CFS/ME, or any real help in dealing with the hub of the illness. In that way they are no different than all the other health practitioners I have gone to. It would be great if one of these people could really crack the mystery of this illness. I know that one of the main problems is that it is probably like cancer, in that there are many variations out there all listed under the same umbrella.

    I must admet that I am getting frustrated will all these people suggesting one more therapy or test which just leaves me poorer. I'm at a point of telling the next one that I will only pay upon a lasting return to health. If they are so confident,they should have no problem with this! (oops, getting on another topic here)

  12. lucky

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    I cannot agree with you more on this subject and have long given up on any 'experts' being able to heal us.
    Sincerely, Lucky
  13. Pindooca

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    I'd love to meet this lady myself.
  14. wle

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    ... to a psychic myself, but many years ago when my husband and I were just dating his sister went to one. She told her many things about herself and then told her that her brother would marry a woman named Diana and be very happy.
    Hubby's family didn't much like me so am sure this thrilled his sister to no end that the psychic gave a different name from mine for her brother to marry. Funny thing - I was adopted as an infant, adopted parents changed my name but my birth name was Diana. Hubby and I just celebrated out 10th anniversary and are very happy! Made a believer outa me! WLE
  15. wle

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    BUMP BUMP Hope to read more about this...................
  16. Sandyz

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    What your psychic said, I thought, sure fight what we have going on. I believe there are alot of phony psychics but a few real ones that really have a gift.

    I got reading from two "true" ones. The first one said it was caused by a difficult, stressful childhood.( that`s me) The second one said it comes from carrying around a very bad hurt from someone very close to you(that`s me). I found it interesting but didn`t want to hear it was from an emotional cause and I still don`t want to believe that. The rest of their readings on me were dead on accurate. The first one said that one thing that would help it would be yoga because it releases some of the emotional stuff we carry around. I haven`t been able to stick with the yoga much because I keep having a lot of symptoms flaring up from the Fm so I cant do it. I do know that yoga really is great fror stress.