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    Well i went to see Dr. Michael Clarke on Tuesday.

    I have to travel a long way and i am always wiped out afterwards...however this time despite the fact i was on a bad day and got home to find i had to deal with a visit by a plumber to mend broken tap and various leaks i coped. He was here for 2 hours and i didn't collapse......again i am so certain that the cortisol is giving me a coping ability i haven't had in 12 years !!

    The actual visit......i was tested on a AMI machine....which prints out info in chinese meridan terms....he uses it to see which organs in the body need what...then he uses homeopathy to treat.
    he doesn't say a lot...though he did say that the fact that each time i am showing a consistancy of imbalances means to him i am treatable.!!
    My worst/weakest organs are my liver, and spleen, and then lungs.
    He says all my upper organs are fine and my lower ones are not.
    Now my problem is i always come home feeling i don't quite understand everything..which may or not matter.
    Basically i want to get better...but also, being me ,i also want to understand the process while its going on.

    I do ask him questions but i am always a bit overwhelmed by the journey..[i really don't get out much LOL]
    He seemed to be a bit more positive that he CAN help me, which i felt encouraged by.
    I asked for and was given progesterone drops....he mixed them in with drops to desensitize me to paint. I had to pay for these.
    Not everything is covered on the NHS.....I want to see if what he gives me helps...i have to wait for the actual remedies to arrive.
    Its difficult to accurately know what is helping.....whcih is one reason why i don't want too much from him at once.
    i think i have 4 remedies to take.
    it would be exciting if i can begin to move and walk about a bit more.....he definately thinks its possible to help me which is something i don't think he would say it if he didn't believe it.

    he knows that i am working with a nutrionist and have had various tests done already.
    i think he feels its not necessary to repeat, and of course not a good idea financially.
    thats all i can remember , i asked my friend to take notes but forgot to get them from her.

    i will now put him on the board as a recommended doc.

    it will be exciting if in a couple of months i feel i can report a definate improvement due to the remedies. watch this space !


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    I do hope this doc can help you, he doesn't sound like any homeopath I've come across. Obviously he uses other methods than straightforward homeopathy, it all sounds very interesting. What's an AMI machine?

    I'll report back when i get my homeopathic treatment, hope yours keeps going well.
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    Dr Clarke gave you drops for progesterone, he would not have done that if you had not needed them.

    My chemical sensitivity drops were a real cocktail, all the major ones, which meant of course they were impossbile for me to avoid.

    Weaknesses in the liver, spleen and lungs (you do have asthma) are no surprise. I'll wait to hear how your remedies help. I do not respond to classic homeopathy at all but I did find the complex remedies, which I know they used to precribe, did have some effect. Wasn't overnight but there was a definite differenece in some areas and the benefits lasted a long time aftrwards.

    The AMI can predict whether there is a possibility of improvement/cure so that's good news.

    How did he react to you taking cortisol? I know he wasn't keen. If it's helping you I think he'd find it difficult to tell you you shouldn't be taking it. I presume your doses are low enough not to effect your body's natural production when things improve further down the line.

    Now you just need to cut down on your stress overload so that your body can do it's job.



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    I hope you get the help from progesterone I've gotten, without the weight gain I've gotten from it. Stil, it's worth it to me, though I do think my dose should be higher.

    I too do not get any help from homoepathic treatments. I hope they work for you.

    I'm sorry you have to go so far to get help.

    Please keep us posted on how you feel.