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    I had my first visit to sleep specalist today for severe isnomia. I usually sleep 2 hours a night and sometimes do not sleep any for 2-3 nights in a row ..then will sleep maybe 4 hours. This has gone on for 2 years and I am exhausted and depressed and in pain and just plain hatefull!!!
    He did not examine me at all. He ask me how much I slept at night, if I slept during the day. He told me to:
    1. Only have a bed in my bed room. No t.v , cmpt, radio or clock. Only use the room for sleeping.
    2. At 6 p.m. each night I am to walk 2 miles outside in the fresh air. (I explained to him I have no knee joints and that is impossible..he said use a treadmill)
    3. After my walk I am to read something calming for about a hour, no news or cop shows or anything stimulating.
    4. At 11 p.m., I am to take a hot shower after my reading..then go to bed. If I am not asleep with in 20 minutes (NO Clock in room) then I am to get up and leave the bedroom and occupy myself with something calming until I feel I can go to sleep then go back to bed.. after 20 minutes if not asleep get back up and repeat again until I go to sleep or until 6 a.m. (remember no clock) After 6 a.m. I am to stay up and out of the bed till that night.

    **no coffee, tea or soda or chocolate unless decaf.
    No food after 5 pm. No smoking at all ..ever is a stimulate ..

    End of visit. Come back in 4 months. Cost $178.00

    This was such good advice and sound so hopefull, I thought I would share it with all you with insomia..especially those that can't walk, and your skin is so sore you can't stand the shower water to hit it; and those that can't concentrate enough to read a paragraph much less for one hour. I won't charge you anything for my advice..hehe
    Have a good night's sleep

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    I am glad you liked your consult. He gave some great sleep hygeine (sp) advice. Many of us try to be really good on those steps, yet our CFS/FMS is much stronger then what pre-bedtime rituals can fix.

    Did he mention or did you ask about a sleep study? Sleep disorders are pretty much accepted as a hallmark of our illness. Most of us will have what is called Alpha Intrusion.

    This will prevent us from falling asleep, .... when we finally do, it takes next to nothing to wake us .... and after that we can't fall back to sleep again.

    Does this sound familiar? It is when the alpha waves "intrude" into the deep / delta wave sleep stage ... cutting our restorive / healing sleep down greatly.

    Some of us will also have sleep apnea. Others will have messed up REM sleep stage .... but the majority will have that Alpha Intrusion.

    Mine was A Intrusion plus Zero REM sleep. With a sleep study, you can have everything exactly pin-pointed as to what is causing your insomnia and take the proper medications for the disorder.

    I took lunesta for about six months .... Have improved to the point of not needing any sleep medications/supplements at the moment. I can truly say though I am thankful to know what my sleep disorder is and what medication works for me should I ever need it again in the future.

    I would seriously consider calling the specialist back. Tell him you are working on the hygeine steps but that you need a sleep study done to pin-point the exact problem. You do not want to wait another 4 months to get this addressed.

    After I had my study done and had been on treatment for about 6 weeks my Dr. put me in the "early remission" category. All I could think of (besides celebrating) was why on earth did it take so long to get around to "fixing" my sleep with a relatively easy sleep study?!

    Good luck to you on this. There are alot of posts here on sleep studies that you can look up for more information.

    Take care,

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    I have to agree w/the poster just above. Sure, he gave you some good sleep hygiene tips. But basically, that was Sleep Problems -- Kindergarten Edition. If you have had the amount of problems you described, you should have gotten additional attention.

    This puts me in mind of me dealing with the 'sleep specialist' my ENT sent me to because he wanted me to have a sleep study before sinus surgery. I arrived early and was in the midst of filling out a huge questionnaire, when I was called back. The doctor took the clipboard away from me and proceeded to start asking me questions. I later figured out that he didn't exactly ask me ALL of the questions on the form -- and what he didn't ask, he filled out all by his little self with made-up answers.

    I did eventually get a sleep study (then another for free because I asked too many questions about the anomalies that had not been addressed), but he was (in a word) worthless.
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    i am sorry you had such a visit,it should not have been so,i had very bad sleep apnea for years,had surgery last july. had my palet lifted,tongue extended,uvula removed,tonsils removed,i now have no more apnea,my weight has dropped,and i sleep sooooooooooooo much better,no snoring,either.
    my sleep center was well run,helpful,and my dr was great,my fibro is still a problem,after so many years of bad sleep it will take time for muscles to feel better i guess.
    i take 1 mg clozapam at night to help relax,to sleep,and zanaflex 4mg,to help muscles to relax. so keep trying don't just fork over that 178$,get your money's worth!!get a sleep study done,go over the results and find out WHY you can't sleep. Good luck and God Bless.
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