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    Hi ALL :>) I have had a sinus infection for 2 weeks now.

    The first round of antibiotics didn't have any effect on

    it, though. It was the generic for the Z-pack. Did ya'll

    know there is a generic now? MUCH CHEAPER!! I only paid a

    co-pay of $10 instead of $30. Just wish it would've

    helped. My last dosage was on Monday of this week and

    Tuesday came and I had a horrific migraine that lasted and

    lasted and I took my maximum amount of migraine medicine I

    could and it just took the edge off the pain. Wednesday

    came and the migraine/facial pain and pressure were back

    and even worse. I couldn't even smile it hurt so badly.

    So, I called the dr. and he couldn't fit me in to his

    schedule til Friday!!! So, I made the appt. but then went

    tot the ER for a stronger antibiotic and to get some Lortab

    for the migraine. They know me pretty well down there

    (ER), so they got my meds and also got me some Tramadol

    which really helps with the head pain. I went ahead and

    went to the appt. w/ my regular physician today and he was

    so grumpy. I never know which mood he will be in! He can

    be very friendly and like a father s-times, and other times

    he is just so indifferent and cold. Today was the cold

    mood! I am sure he is tired of seeing back to back patients

    and it is the end of the week, but, he sure could've been a

    little more caring. I know other people who have complained

    about his bedside manner from time to time. But the thing

    is, he really is a good dr. - just don't like it when he is

    so cold. I was asking him about the difference between

    Tramadol and Darvocet as far as strength and their effect

    on pain, as the Darvocet that I take regularly has become

    less and less effective for me the longer I take it. He

    said some people do better on the Tramadol and some on the

    Darvocet. Said they were about the same in

    effectiveness/strength. He said to continue using my

    Darvocet and we would maybe consider trying a switch next

    time I came in. He said to come back in in 3 months. 3

    months!! ??!!! I will probably talk to my pain management

    specialist about it when I see him later THIS MONTH. He is

    the one who prescribes the Darvocet anyhow. I really don't

    know how I would do on it vs. the Darvocet, but I know that

    it really helps w/ my head pain and my neck/shoulder pain -

    better than the Darvocet currently does. My regular dr.

    said that all meds lose their effectiveness after taken

    long enough. But, isn't it better to switch to something

    that brings me relief vs. staying on a med for life, and it

    not even barely work anymore???? I just felt like he

    brushed me off - like he didn't want to deal with the issue

    I had. I will definetly be back to see him before my 3

    month appt. since if I am not pregnant by mid-May I will be

    going back on some meds to enable me to work again , and

    then in July I will go back part-time at Wal-mart. I will

    have 1-2 more appts. with both dr's before I start back on

    some meds since this is a pretty big deal to me. I just

    don't appreciate the "brush-off" that dr's do when they are

    not in the mood to deal with stuff :>( Plus, something

    that has been weighing heavy on my mind is that I am still

    having to take the Lyrica that I was hoping to get back off

    of, while we try for a baby for one more month. The nerve

    pain I have been having has just been too much for me, and

    the Lyrica helps that pain tremendously. I was so

    uncomfortable from the burning/itching sensation that had

    taken over my body - it was not mild in any sense - it was

    horrific :>( I just hate that I struggle so much while

    trying for a baby w/ my meds. If the dr's banned me from

    all my meds while trying for a baby, there would be no

    trying for a baby because it would be unbearable, and that

    just breaks my heart. I am only 33! So tired of dealing

    w/ all the meds and pain. Just want a day or two a week

    where the pain is minimal and I can get things done. That

    just rarely seems to happen anymore :>( It can be so

    discouraging when your mom and mom in law are more active

    than yourself!! :>( OK - i am done whining now, ya'll.

    Thanks for listening, just had to get some thoughts out of

    my head. Maybe I will feel better now!!! :>) Love, Carla

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  2. Cromwell

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    Oh I was about to post where were you! I was missing you here. This is Anne C.

    I am so sorry the doctor brushed you off that way and that you are suffering wiht the sinus. Intired this new saline spray that has a continuous stream in an aerosol can, and it works better getting into the sinus's. They do one for allergy sinus saline too. Not cheap, like $8.00 but worth it.

    I know how hard it has been for you of late what with being off the meds and trying for a baby and being so unsure which road to take. That doctor, well I guess all you can do is pray he gets a better attitude is all. Whatever happened to compassion!

    Feel better dear, hope Tabby is doing OK and just try and relax and Que Sera Sera. Be kind to yourself Carla.

    Much Love Anne C

    PS wanted to add it was the generic Zpack that did not take care of my infection either, the non generic always has, I wonder if there IS a difference?
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  3. cjr2003

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    Hello! I am still around :>) Those icky sinus headaches were keeping me away from the computer,tv, and all my books :>( I crawled under the covers Wed. night and didn't come out til 3:30pm on Thursday due to headpain returning. Just so ready to feel better. I have got my "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" book sitting out to delve into. ( along w/ my Bible! :>) ) Good books always seem to soothe me . . . or a romantic movie! Tabby has continued to do well. Went and picked up her case of canned food from the vet today. She is still eating grass like she is a vegetarian kitty or s-thing :>) But she is eating a good healthy amount of dry and canned food, so I am a happy camper w/ that. She lounges in the am on the waterbed with me after hubby leaves for work early. She just luvvvvvvvvvvvvvs that! I try and spoil her in any way I can lately. Her pile of blankets is a foot high on her chair. She gets all excited and purrs up a storm just fixing her blankets up for a nap! She's just my little angel :>))))))))))))))))) !!!!!!!! Nice hearing from you! I hope to be on here more now that I am starting to feel better. Just getting the relief from the sinus pressure/pain migraine has been nice. Lots of love, Carla
  4. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I have been gone for so long while. I just couldn't sit here...but....I just had to see how you all are doing.

    I am so glad to see that Tabby is still doing better.
    I know that I have missed so much....but hope you are well.

    P.S. I go to the ortho doc on April 12.

    God bless....Mari

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