My Wife Has Fibro please read( kind of long)

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    My wife has Fibro and She is always in pain.I am not going to sit here and say I understand what she is going through because I dont.My wife and I have four children and they are all girls.Thank God She didnt have the Fibro during any of her pregnancies.She was diagnosed with Fibro after She was injured at work.Workers comp was a joke and they weren't any help at all.She was in workers comp for two in a half years She finally settled for pennies on the original injury, they denied any accountability for the fibro that developed.

    Its been a year and six months since she filed for SSD. Which I am finding out is another joke. I am writing to find out if any of you have ever thought about starting some kind of group to get the right people's attention to take fibro as serious as Cancer or other illnesses

    My marraige has changed dramatically since my wife has gone through fibro. I cannot understand how people can live with a person that has fibro and not want to help to get the right people to take this illness serious enough to get some kind of cure or relief, to help with pain. Every day it seems like she is in more and more pain and the more time passes by the harder it seems to get along with her.

    I would like some feedback if there is anyone out there that would be interested in helping me grab the right people's attention and start getting relief for all of you out there, that are like my wife so you can have part of your lives back.
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    you will see that many spouses are not supportive and don't even try to understand. A good deal of our problems with trying to do what you suggest is that few of us have the energy. Maybe you're just the guy to get things started. Count me in.

    My advice, get a good social security lawyer for your wife. No costs up front - they only get paid if you win.
  3. ayhatch

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    aren't you noble and fired up! Good on ya! I wish I had the energy.
    Two things you can look into are an assembly bill that was labeled 6214. It was brought forth by Rep. Patrick Kennedy. It addresses Auto-Immune diseases, etc. (Look up for previous posts about this.)
    Another thing you can do is go to and get involved with promotimg fibro Awareness day.

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    Thank you so much for staying with your wife and trying to understand. Many spouses forget the "in sickness and in health," part when their loved ones get fibromyalgia. I know what it means to have had a wonderful husband who has stuck with me these past seven years since I got this disease. I think we are now closer than ever, though life is different than either of us had expected. It was rough for us, too.

    There is hope, though. I can tell you I've been to Hell and back again, though my health is not normal and I do still have pain and so forth. But, I feel so very much better than I did seven years ago and I have a lot less pain. A big part of that is because of my doctor, who is a pain specialist. Another large part of it has been my own education about this disease and what can be done about it. There are some really great articles on this site that can help, and there are some good books as well.

    Pain control is essential, and so is sleep normalization. These things must be worked through by your wife and her doctors. Different combinations of medications must be tried to find what works best.

    My best to you and your wife,
    Pearl S.
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    Maybe because I'm in the middle of it myself, but if you're really thinking about CFS/FM activism, you should probably read "Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic" by Hillary Johnson. It's a long book, and not an easy read, but it would give you an idea of the challenges facing this illness.

    By the way, I consider CFS and fibromyalgia to be basically synonymns, although I'm sure others would disagree. Nevertheless, whether they are different or the same, they have faced virtually the same challenges.
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    Thank you for speaking out and understanding. You are a good man and that is very important for your wife to have your moral support.

    I wish you could help my loving family "get it". I have finally ended all relations with my sisters (over their insensitivity), the relationship with my father is very tense/strained (because of the issue with my sisters), and my son could care less.

    ps: You sure are neck deep in the estrogen there ... lol.
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    I had someone with me for 2 years. He went through much with me. Eventually he bailed. I am not bitter. He struggled too hard to find the answers for me. It was impossible for him to sit back and watch me and "not do anything". I miss his support, but want to see him happy. It was hard for me to see his frustration and I in turn got frustrated with him. What a viscous cycle. Hang in there, be supportive and take care of yourself for the sake of your family. My heart is hurting for you as I cry and post this. There are good things that come from the trials.

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    I think you have the right idea...FM is more often than not...looked at by many....many"oh, yeah...ummm....fibromyalgia....right...." Finding key people to support educating...the medical profession...and the general public about the condition is essential...what state are you in....? My life turned upside down when the symptoms hit after a major flu...and now that I look back...mold exposure in my home....a bout of shingles...and the fallout of having to deal with what I now fully realize angry, sadistic-like boss....Luckily I found a knowledgeable pain specialist who helped me alleviate the extreme pain....but a lot of other residual symptoms continued for years...then alternative practices helped me the most....(outside the "medical" profession)...
    At the moment...I can't visualize who could be a advocate in the public arena....certainly worth exploring....
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    My husband just told me that my CFIDS isn't real.
    FM isn't real either, b/c he doesn't believe in them.
  10. California31

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    Now I'm confused too...who has the FM?
  11. roge

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    they are both using the same ID and first 2 posts were from the wife and the last one from the husband???

    well, assuming the last post was the hubby , then I commend you for your support of your wife and these dseases

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    the My wife one was written by my hubby, I've been telling him for ages to come on here. Well, when I posted I didn't think to change who Iwas loogged in under, never had to do that before! So the other two were by me the fibro sufferer. I post from time to time and am always lurking as so I don't feel so alone. Sorry about the confusion.
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    I want to thank you for your letter...I am one of the lucky few here who has an understanding husband. Ironicly, because there are so understanding spouses spoken of here, his "stepping up to the plate" has made me feel more guilty about having this condition, and it scares me because I feel like if I can't get this condition fixed at some point he will get fed up and it will make his pulling away even more difficult.

    Your letter gives me hope that my husband is in it for the long haul.

    If you can find a way to draw attention to this...I'm in!
    Let me know what I can do.

    Thank you for being a great guy!

  14. jmcdelaney

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