myagic encphalitis/me( spelling???) spinal problem, back/neck pain

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    Hi all ME, is described as inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. What i am wondering is if this is true could this be a cause of back and neck problems, not just muscle pain but disc problems etc possibly caused by this. Its seem alot of us have these problems since cfs and wondering how many people have this problem, not just muscle pain but also disc problem diagnosed from ct scans and mri's. I have lower back pain almost constantly with several bulging discs which when aggravated cause pain and muscle spasms, physio has helped as well as anti-inflammatories but doesnt stop the problem completely. i cant recall and series back injuries and ct scans and x-rays prior to cfs show some degenerative deterioration but of late my activity has been reduce but things have progressed to an almost constant back problem.

    i am conserned about long term anti-inflammatories and tramal use which have been of great help but long term conciquency are a worry. What are other peoples experience with this and how do they cope/treat there problems or is there a way to avoid side effects of longterm use, i already take nac which is an antioxidant that protect the liver, is this enough. have read previous post that show its a possible problem but trying to organise a specific thread to address this issue.

    Any experience with this is greatly appreciated, any one notice improvement with av's or abx's helping with this also.

    Thanks all.
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    Yes, I do believe these spinal problems are related; it is part of the disease, IMO.

    I can only tell you what helps me enormously: Osteo-Bi Flex, with MSM. I take 3 per day.

    I know within an hour if I somehow missed a is that effective for me.

    Many, many here have the same problems.

    I think you would learn more if you would edit your title and put M.E. and Spinal Problems.
    The edit button is right under your original post, in the same window.

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    thanks skeptic
  4. Check out - Perrin technique used to treat M.E in UK and soon coming to States.
  5. I agree to a point but if we are ill surely we shouldn't write anything off?

    Personally, unless it makes me feel worse I will try everything and anything that is supposed to help.

    He is not a quack - he was at the CFS Reno conference presenting a paper. Whether it does any good is another question.....

    Toxins are repeatedly mentioned for M.E/CFS so maybe he is onto something.

    Like all treatments I suppose you have to make your own mind up/try it.

    I know quite a few people who got well using his technique.

    Like I said, we can only try....

    Check out his reviews on AMAZON.COM and patient testimonials on his site.

    Think a NY Doc is also taking the same approach -

    On another topic - does anyone know if Dr Enlander is any good? I have heard he is getting good results.

    Good Luck everyone.

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    It's spelled Encephalomyelitis (en-ceph-uh-lo-my-eh-lye-tus).

    You make a very good point. I've had tons of neck and back pain since I got ME 25 years ago and they can't find anything wrong.

    I'll bet this pain is from ME and in me also FMS.

    AVs and ABXs only make me much, much worse. Like close to death every time I've taken them.

    What's helped me the most are Lidocaine Patches, pain sprays and Biofreeze. I really like the roll-on Biofreeze for my neck and upper back.