Myalgia all day from sitting in office chair???

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  1. pamela

    pamela New Member goes. I work for the state with a VERY neurotic boss. He is very angry and quick to be sarcastic. Anyway, if I were to ask him to get me another chair that would be work for him and he does not do any work..anyway I find that as the day goes by my pain increases dramatically all over. By mid day my whole body feels so achy and all over my body is hurting so bad. If it were not for the pain meds I could not sit there not to mention even climb out of bed. Then I have to go down in the pharmacy and stand and run and bend with this feeling. Its like when you wake up and your whole body is stiff and achy. Dont know what to do. I even have a cushion that sticks to my chair for my back. The state has put freeze on all expenditures so I feel im stuck. Any suggestions? Thank you much... Pamela
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    and before the onset of terrible syndrome I had a leg that bothered me and I could find NO comfort, no matter what I tried.

    After I was terribly sick and tried for a while to type at home I could find no comfortable way to sit, either. After only 5 minutes in this chair at the computer my ankles swell way up and my legs start to numb from below knees to toes. My arms just kill and back and hips....well, I just know how you feel and have no idea how you manage.

    Sorry I cannot offer advice - just sad that we all have to endure such pain without remedy. I really hope someone comes up with a good idea just for you.

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    that those of us with *desk* jobs have problems that are caused by, or made worse by crappy chairs. I have an Obus form back support in my chair at work, but the chair needs to be replaced, period. You should actually be measured for a chair. Tall people with long legs (like me) need chairs with a *longer* seat for support for back and legs. There are distributors/retailers who will measure you for the proper chair, but they are expensive. There are chairs that come with lumbar supports in them and some of them are adjustable. My boss was willing to do this for me several years ago, and I waffled because I felt guilty. Dumb old me! Should have grabbed that opportunity when it presented itself.

    A couple of things that might help you would be to get a back support for your chair (many of them either velcro to the chair itself, or have straps that fit around the back of the chair), and get a small stool, or even use a couple of phone books to lift your feet/legs up a few inches. Posture might help also.

    If nothing else, get up every 30 minutes or so and stretch and move around.

    My osteo tells me that the kind of work I do definitely makes my symptoms worse, simply because I sit in front of a computer all day.

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    Know your problem all to well. Worked for 30 years in an office that purchased their chairs from the lowest bidder! I worked for the federal government, and so I know what you mean about the state's expenditure freeze. After your office's budget problems are lifted, ask your doctor to write you a prescription of an ergonomic-type chair. And like mentioned in a prevous post, some local firm might be able to come and measure you to make sure you buy one that fits properly. My boss got me one and it was a godsend. I also bought the back pillows, etc. One thing that helped, too, was a type of slanted foot rest that I kept my feet on when sitting still. I am short, and it helps with short legs!

    *Edit: Sometimes it's hard for a governmental agency to turn you down when you have a medical statement from your doctor stating that you require certain equipment to work--it's like obtaining accessories for your handicap.
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    1. Get a cheap footstool (Walmart has plastic ones for around $10)& elevate your feet.
    2.Sit on the edge of your seat & make sure you have both feet on the ground & a straight back (I have a hard time remembering to do this- it takes practice).
    3.If neither of the above ideas works for you maybe you could purchase your own chair for the office (be sure to keep the receipt so you can take it w/you if you leave your job).
    4. Stretch in the ladies room every time you use it. I used to use the handicap stall so that I could stretch by bending over & holding the bar (bend at the hips & have your upper body parrallel to the floor). Then, as I am short, I could also stretch by putting my hands over the top of the stall door & pulling gently down. Also, stand up straight & lean from side to side letting your fingertips slide down your leg to your knee on the side you are leaning towards. Then bend over & try to touch your toes. Takes less than 5 minutes to do these & it helps.If you can't do all at once do 1 each time.
    5. I think I heard some of the ladies on here mention that they use the back cushions that have heat/vibration at their jobs or in their cars to/from work to help. Then there is always the good ole heat patches that you wear.
    Hope these help!
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    Thank you for all your replies. This will help alot...your suggestions are great and I will put them to work.. Again thanks a bunch...Pamela