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    WENT AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND AND GUESS WHAT, Friday i did my best to pack and get things ready. of course there was fighting. I rarely go anywhere because of fibro. my family still wants me to be the same perfect mom as always. of course i could do it all why can't i do it now. well we made it to the church camp and thank God we stayed in the hotel building rather than a cabin with bunk beds, or a tent. the bed was comfortable and we had our own bathroom. I managed to walk some trails with my husband. it was difficult and it's a good thing i have a cane or i wouldn't have made it. it felt good to get away as a family, my sons are 14 and 16. I know everyone else was shocked to see me with a cane cause i don't bring it to church. i'm very sore today though. my doctor has added Balacet 325mg every 4 hours along with 2 tramadol. it helped but i still may need to get something stronger. BEING OUTDOORS HELPED MY SPIRIT. I FELT CLOSE TO GOD AND TO MY FAMILY. IT WAS WORTH THE EFFORT.
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    I'm so glad for you that the trip helped your spirit if not your body. Our spirit needs to be nurtured, too.

    I hope your body gets to rest now. Sometimes it's worth it to get out even if it does hurt us.


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    thanks for the hugs...i really need them from someone who understands. i felt almost human again...but what an ordeal to get ready. it is amazing that i remembered almost everything with fibrofog. GOD BLESS YOU