myangie and those with the stomach pains

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    In regards to your post on stomach pains myangie... I have gerd & a hiatus hernia. I wake up everyday with horrible stomach pains.

    I already take Aciphex every morning for the Gerd. Last night I tried Zantac before bed and, to my surprise, I woke up with little stomach pain.

    I also remembered my doc (here i am hurting and totally forgot about this.. sad but true) gave me a script for Metoclorpramide.. he said it is a muscle relaxer for my stomach. Supposed to stop all of the night action while sleeping. It does help.

    Just hoping this might help some of you who suffer like I do. It is bad enough to awake to the other pains we have, but the stomach pain just adds "fuel to the fire"

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    I've been stomach pain free for a long time, but after the stomach flu (ahhh, the trigger), my stomach pain has been unbearable.

    Had stomach inflammation (gastritis), since having this illness, and it's just the worst. Interesting your Doc gave you muscle relaxers, as I believe calming your stomach so it doesn't produce as much acid helps.

    Diet is also important (alkaline vs acidic). I recently discovered two homeopathics that help as well. One by BHI called "Stomach", and the latest that has been great is Boiron or Standard Process's homeopathic "Belladonna".30C
    Both from Health Food Stores.

    I'm usually only sick about 4am; probably most acidic time. Once I take the Belladonna (2 pellets), it takes the pain in 10 minutes.

    So now to put this into remission again
    ........................back to the strict diet.

    Glad you're getting some relief!