myasthenia gravis?

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    sorry all-i know i am off track here, but don;t know where else to turn. Had a dr appt today for an enlarged thymus gland (a thymoma,he called it) and besides telling me it must be removed, is doing a workup for mg, i have very little knowledge about this, wonder if any of you can help. He said this thymic "tumor" is common in mg and with my wierd multitude of symptoms, all of which i blame on fibro, this could be a possibility, or another autoimmune problem. Any of you have any infoor advice? Laurie
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    I just answered another query about MG for can check that out as it's on this same page.
    It sounds like in your case, MG may be a possibility, and I assume you will be tested for it. I have had this testing, at least the first stage of it, and it involved having solutions injected into an IV in my hand and then pushing my arm against the doctors hand in resistance. It only took about 10-15 minutes and was no big deal. I hope you do not have MG as it is much less painful, but ultimately more serious than Fibro. You can do a websearch and find out more about it.
    Please keep us posted.