myco/doxy/transfer factors, anyone else?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Again today I read and read sites esp. Dr. Garth Nicholson's website regarding the doxy/mycoplasma research. I too was diagnosed through his medical center about 8 years ago. I took the anti biotics here and there...and now after reading and reading the reports and letters..through vaious other sites...the recovery from cfs/fm is amazing. (I just have not been brave to stick it out with the Rx...its sometimes a rough road.) There is no going around have to hang in there and kill the bug! He does mention transfer factors and doing what it takes nutritionally...but the Rx is the ticket. Before making rash decisons and down on anti biotics one must realize the whole story behind "mycoplasmas" just don't fool around with it. Anyway, lately I did take some amox./doxy and yes, relief came to me with in minutes. Its a trip tho to find how much you can handle. The transfer factors are a must also I believe. But, let me tell you I know people who have walked their recovery out with me...staying in contact. One gal did it with two years of Zithromax...and it truly was beautiful to see her get her life back!(Many..and she also w/NO tfs'.) Now, I have the Mycoplus TF in my fridge also. But, with a lot of company coming this week and month...I don't want to feel sick with getting used to a new tf mixed with entertaining company. Ok, this is heads up for my dear friends who are like me...When I am on the reg. anti biotics I feel "crabby"...and just not myself. I found out later that maybe?? the Rx's take the Bvits. out of you?? But, if I do a lot of B vits. I feel so much better. Several times in years past I took the steady dose of doxy...and the doc supplemented me with high dose vit C IVs'...I felt fantastic...with NO side effects of the RX. (Felt NORMAL!) So, now after trial and error I have found that the supps. do help fill in the holes with the antibiotic regime. I hope this info is truly helping someone and pointing you in a good direction. There is hope my friends.
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    PS., Yes, we know about Rich and recovery with strong diet and mycoplus tf...but if that is so then he too had to have been Garth Nicholson M.D.? Is he allowed to say that he did the anti biotic regime also? Just wondering. I think that is the question of the day? Thanks everyone. I am happy for all who recover...I will be there too some day!
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    That is alot of good info you gave us. I, personally, will never forget the feeling of the mycos dying when I took the Minocycline while on the Marshall Protocol. I was on it 10 months. To me the Mycoplus gives the same feeling but to a MUCH less extent.

    I would not be surprised at all if Rich Carson has not seen o r talked to Dr. Nicholson. From what he has written (and it isn't all in the same article), he talked, talked, talked to anyone and everyone about recovering from CFS. Anyone who kn ew anything about it and Dr. Nicholson is a well know researcher, so my guess is that they have at least talked.

    I do hope your info helps someone. I think alot of people read this board but don't post.

    Hope you enjoy your company!

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