Mycoplasama...........HOLY COW

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    Jellybelly had suggested that I read the post about mycoplasama, which I just did. I just do not have the background to understand much of this. Besides not having the background, I guess my brain is foggy and it isn't making any sense to me. Can anyone tell me in "layman's terms" what this means?

    I am trying to see if this is something related to what I have. (CFIDS and FMS) If I need to be tested for it, how is it done?

    As I mentioned before, I have had these illnesses for over 20 years with little improvement, and am trying to see if there is something new out there for me to do.

    Thanks much! :)
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    Mycoplasmas are bacteria which infect the body by invading individual cells. They live in the host cells, using them to get their nutrients. They thrive and replicate themselves and eventually kill the cells and go into the bloodstream in search of new cells to invade.

    This means that our bodies are being used to support these bacteria instead of for our benefit. Normal blood tests do not show these bacteria except in the early active stage when the infected person has a flu-like illness or pneumonia. Once the active illness is over, the bacteria go into the chronic stealth mode living beneath the radar of the immune system. They are very tricky and use our own DNA to make the immune system think they are part of our bodies.

    The longer one has been infected, the longer it takes the antibiotics to starve them out.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Love, Mikie