Mycoplasma and Heart Transplant

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    Dear Mikie and others:

    I am on my second 6 weeks round of antibiotics. Lots of dramatic herxing that convinced me that maybe after 19 years of fibro/chronic fatigue I may be addressing the cause rather than symptoms.

    My husband had a heart tranplant 11 months ago and is doing well. One of the articles I read here last week mentioned transmitting it to your partner. This is of extreme concern to me now as my husband is immune suppressed. How contagious am I when my eyese and nose start burning and running? When I cough? Last time round I kept sanitizing the bathroom I share. SHould we sleep together? What about sex?

    I believe that I passed this on to My two teenagers who were very sick for two years with my symptoms 7 years ago when my husband's heart began failing
    No doctor ever wanted to treat us as a family or deal with connections between us. (Except that I had modeled an unhealthy lifestyle and was too lenient in allowing them to study at home. In the end they both graduated with their class and are now at university.)

    Question: The transplant nurse had no clue about this when I talked to her Friday. Where can I go for info?
    The herxing is affecting my eyes so the computer is VERY hard at the moment. So if you can steer me right
    I'd appreciate it!!!
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    A few of my own thoughts.

    Many of the remedies we use stimulate or regulate the immune system but obviously your husband has to steer clear from any of those.

    If he is not on anticoagualants olive leaf extract springs to mind, it prevents replication so if he took it in three well spread out doses he could perhaps protect himself that way. If there's already mycoplasma in his system and he's able to take bromelain as well that would enhance the OLE's action.

    There are other herbs that I've found useful for a wide range of pathogens, oregano oil, and grapefrit seed, are just two that spring to mind.

    I have c & p an extract from one of the Townsend letters, the rest of their advice would not be so suitable:

    Our clinical efforts against mycoplasma have included the use of a blend of hyssop (whole herb concentrate; not extract) containing the full spectrum of naturally-occurring caravacrol, thymol, and other phytochemicals in synergistic combinations with other herbs and nutrients. The antimicrobial, anti-viral and nervine properties and cleansing effect of hyssop are extraordinary when combined with appropriate cofactors and transporters. (19-21) Most importantly, the oral use of the essential oils of oregano, rosemary, clove, DL limonene, and fermented adaptogenic herbs and citrus seed extracts may provide powerful phytomedicines against stealth infections, like mycoplasma.

    I know Mikie swears by her zapper, I'm not sure how it works but if it can help I'm sure she will let you know.

    Good luck and I hope your herx eases down soon.

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    We do not know a great deal about all of this. All we can do is form some theories based on what we do know. We know for sure that these illnesses often run in families and we know that sometimes, both spouses will become sick and possibly even their pets. The research into Gulf War Illness has provided a lot of info on this.

    We also know that approx. 70 percent of people with GWI, FMS, and CFIDS test pos. for one or more strains of mycoplasma. I am certain that in the active stage, mycoplasma infections can be passed through casual contact. It is like the flu. It may be that when the bacteria go stealth in the body, it can still be passed through living in close quarters or intimate relations. This would explain why the families of Gulf War Vets have become sick with symptoms of GWI/CFIDS.

    That you are Herxing from the ABX says that something is dying off in great numbers in your body. How great the risk is that you might pass this on to your husband is unknown, but his immune system supressing meds may increase the risk. If it were me, I would write to Dr. Nicolson to ask his opinion. His answers tend to be terse, but he does usually respond.

    I would guess that stealth viruses may also be a danger to your husband. We do know that genital Herpes can be passed on even when one is not in an active state, so I would guess we have to assume the same is true of the other Herpes-Family Viruses. Again, 70 percent of us suffer from a stealth form of viral infections.

    If there is a good infectious disease specialist in your area, he or she may be able to help with this. I think anything you consider doing should be discussed with your husband's doc if the treatment involves him.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you, but there just isn't enough known at this time. I do think you are wise to be concerned an I keep you both in my prayers.

    BTW, I do think the zapper is very effective of killing pathogens in the bloodstream, but it uses electrical current, so again, if your husband were to consider it, he would want to discuss the safety of it with his doc. Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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