Mycoplasma, C-reactive protein questions-please help

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    I'm so sick. This is the only thing I can feel right now. Just that my health is detiorating and I'm helpless. I've been sick for 5 years now and thanks to two HMO's and doctors who wanted to pass my symptoms off as depression it's taken this long to find out that I have a mycoplasma infection, FMS, severe arthritis and possible multiple sclerosis. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help.

    First of all, during my course I have had numerous blood tests. One abnormality that has been monitored was my c-reactive protein or CRP. This is a blood test that when positive is a strong marker for inflammation. I'm sure many here know of this test. What alarms me is that six months ago my CRP was positive at a value of 2. As of last week it has jumped to 15. I was told this was markedly high. In researching further on my own I have read several articles that state a value this high could signal "life-threatening infection". Knowing that I also tested positive for mycoplasma infection, had an elevated sed rate and positive ANA at the same time my CRP was tested just confirms all that I have been feeling for months.....I'm getting worse fast. Is anyone on the board familiar with CRP values and just how alarmed I should be about this?

    My second question is related to the first. Now that I have Medicare (yes, permanently disabled at 37) and a private secondary insurance I am able to go to whichever doctor I choose for the first time. I found my way to a very reputable rheumatologist who uses the antibiotic protocol and has written several papers on mycoplasma infections. He definitely feels I need to be on antiobiotic treatment; however, he says that I need to start a regimen of several nutrients BEFORE I start the antibiotic protocol. Has anyone here had to undergo the same PREP so to speak before starting on antibiotics? If my infection is so severe, why wait to start the antibiotics? Of course, these nutrients will cost an additional $300.00 a month that is not covered by either insurance. I am confused and feeling as though yet another doctor has his own pockets in his best interest rather than my own.

    Any advice or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I am sorry you are so ill, but it sounds like you have a knowledgeable doctor.
    I agree with Jelly. It sounds like you need ABX,and the sooner the better.
    The only nutrient I can think of that you would definitely need to take all through the treament would be Probiotics. Is that what he suggested? I would never take ABX without large doses of Probiotics, since ABX kills the good bacteria in your gut and the Probiotics replaces it for you.
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    I believe it was jelly who mentioned the Road Back Foundation. Ironically, my doctor is one of the founding members of the Road Back Foundation. His name is Dr. Franco. And yes, Probiotics was one of the nutrients he mentioned that I needed. Not surprisingly, I cannot remember the other nutrients he mentioned. What concerned me was having to wait an entire month before starting the ABX. I also cannot afford an extra $300.00 a month just yet and may not be able to until two months down the road. I was just hoping to get started on the road to recovery after I saw Dr. Franco because I've waited 5 long years to get to see a "real doctor" for all this. It was a little discouraging to have that fleeting hope and then hear I can be treated, but can't afford it. I suppose I need to find a way to work it out. Depression is overwhelming right now so that isn't helping much either.

    Thanks to all who replied, and for the CRP info.

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    I recently had this test in the USA. The dr. saw the results and didnt say anything and I was in such a daze forgot to specifically ask about it. My report has numbers completely different from yours
    ref range <0.8 mg/dl
    my reading <0.1

    those numbers dont come anynear the 5 and 15 you are talking about? As usual the more I read the more confuseder I get.
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    Sunny- thanks for your concern. I do have much concern about the CRP result for the inflammation as well as heart concerns. I went from always having low blood pressure my entire life to having it suddenly turn into hypertension just 6-8 months ago. This is coincidentally when I suddenly became much worse and my values began shooting up considerably.

    Also, someone else had mentioned that my doctor should be treating this inflammation factor. I should clarify that I have been taking anti-inflammatories for years now and six months ago started on methotrexate as well. That is what really scares me about the CRP still being so high. My new doc mentioned that being that I take multiple medications to help with inflammation, this CRP value may actually be even higher and is just being masked by the meds. So much information to compute sometimes, I just feel like giving up. Thank God for my children.....they keep me here fighting.

    I just read an article by Dr. Garth Nicholson on this site about the relationship between mycoplasma and MS, FMS, RA, CFS, etc. Amazingly, I have MS, RA, OA and FMS. How does one person survive like this? I'll never know.

  6. KristinaInCali

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    I will definitely keep you posted on the outcome of all this. Your input was greatly appreciated.

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    Dear All,

    I called in to get the results of a CRP test done. The secretary (talking via nurse) said that I had a 5.0 which is normal. I then asked the normal range of test and she said 0 to 22. Didn't get the measurements like (mg/l).

    Does above make sense? Others here say 5.0 and above is bad....Maybe that is another test.
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    Meowoink New Member c/reactive protein is 12 & I have had 2 different doctors tell me it is nothing to worry about.......Makes you wonder......