Mycoplasma or menopause or CFS or ALL ?

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    I was dx with fibro in 94, but in 93 and 96 I had mycoplasma pneumonia. The last time I had it, I was in the hospital for 6 days and was very ill. Since then I have had on and off bouts of fatigue. I am also sugically menopausal having had a hysterectomy when I was only 40 for pelvic pain.
    It is so hard so sort all of the symptoms of CFS out. I am wondering what the proper approach to all of this is from a medical standpoint. It is all so confusing.
    Could most of the fatigue that I seem to be experiencing be coming from the mycoplasma ?
    This year I had a flu shot ( the first I have ever had ) and I have been sick for most of the winter with one virus after another. (URIs mostly) . The last one made me hoarse for 8 weeks, and even though I am not coughing anymore, I still feel very, very tired.
    OK, I'll stop whining.
    My rheumatologist ( the latest one that my insurance makes me go to) has been pretty useless. He thinks I need a sleep study. Phooey.
    I see my neuro on Tuesday (he helps me manage the migraines). Maybe he will have some suggestions. I know one thing, the ULTRAM aint cutting it for the pain anymore.
    I'm allergic to NSAIDS. What works well for some of you.

    Thanks for listening !
    Gentle Huggles,
    Kathryn "QueenieB"
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    These bacteria can go stealth in the system and continue to make people sick until they are destroyed with antibiotic therapy. I don't think it is possible to heal as long as one continues with stealth infections.

    Love, Mikie