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    Hi all!
    Hope all is well (as it can get).

    I need a little input if anyone could help.
    I was seeing a doc who found out I had mycoplasma pneumonia through doing blood work and treated it with antibiotics. That was a couple of years ago.
    I have since found a new doc and he was aware of the past diagnosis of the mycoplasma. The only way he has tested for it is by doing a chest x-ray????? Could it be seen that way? I have felt the way I felt when I had it before, but I know he won't do bloodwork for it. The way I think I can tell I am having a flare up is getting these PAINFUL red bumps on my fingers.
    I also am having a colonoscopy done on Monday! Please wish me luck! I am VERY nervous!

    Thank you!
    Best to all,
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    I was dx'd with mycoplasma when I was 29. I am 60, now. I, too, would like to know more about this illness. I wonder if it has any carry-over to what my problems now are.

    At the time, I had arthritis so bad I could not walk. It moved from one knee, back and forth to the other knee, then to my big toes, and then settled in my thumbs. I also had pleurisy, a rash (I think it was all over my front torso, but I forget now), and a low grade fever which kept me in bed for months). I had a terrible sore throat, too. At the time, I also had Asian flu and was hospitalized for that, for 8 days. I had returned from a 3 month trip to East Africa, and thought maybe it had to do with the fact that I had had a lot of immunization shots very quickly before I left. I had also been taking quinine tablets while I was there, to prevent malaria.

    While I was sick I was tested, of course, for malaria and rheumatic fever, as well as scarlet fever and a whole bunch of other stuff, all negative.

    The doctor said mycoplasma was a "rare children's disease."

    Anyone knowing anything more about mycoplasma, I, too would like info.

    Thanks for bringing this one up, KK
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    There is only one reliable test for chronic mycoplasma infection. A single cycle of antibiotics is usually given for this and is insufficient to clear it up. It then goes into a stealth chronic state and can make one very sick. Do a search here and bring up old posts which deal with the mycoplasmas. Also, search our library for articles by Dr. Nicolson and others. You can also do a web search on Mycoplasmas and find a lot of info on it.

    I've been on Doxycycline for more than a year and will likely be on it for a long time for my chronic mycoplasma infection which I've had for 12 years.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes, the doctors like the standard definition of mycplama pneumonia. That it's rare and a disease of children and young adults. But it isn't necessarily limited to them for god's sake. They are so narrow minded! I had it twice in one year and I'm 52. It's also called walking pneumonia. Now how many times have you heard that? I've heard it a thousand times. It isn't that rare.
    I was also only given one course of antibiotics for it, for 2 weeks. I still had wheezing and infiltrates in my lungs as shown on the x-ray, but they wouldn't give me any more antibiotics.
    They wanted to wait 2 weeks cuz the x-ray doesn't show the clearing of your lungs right away....What?? I don't get that!
    Then after two weeks they completely forgot about the whole thing. No follow up x-ray, no nothing. They remember only what you told them five minutes ago. Arrrg. N

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    Mikey, a couple q's for you. I'm just starting to pay attention to your posts on this topic. I do think that there are various triggers for FM and as always am still searching for a way to improve my situation which is still crappy at the moment.

    I've been sick since my teens but it was "on/off" flares of various things.

    Pregnancy triggered a major problem and I've gone on a downhill slide since then. So it was physical trauma that precipitated the health decline.

    If my FM were mycoplasma related wouldn't it have come on slowly and not have been trauma-related? Is it something that they would have found in the myriad of tests? They even tested me for malaria!

    The tests you're talking about, the PCR, aren't they DNA tests? How does that relate to a virus or bacteria?

    Do you have any links to articles on this topic?

    If you have my email, feel free to contact me(I don't know if mods get them).