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    Okay, I just ran across the Mycoplasma theory and read some posts concerning this. It left me with many questions.

    *My worst pain is in my ligaments and joints, is this more inline with a mycoplasma invasion?

    *Also, I did notice I was sick for months after a series of shots done about 10 years ago. Plus, shortly after other symptoms started.

    *My close friend "just happens" to have FM/CFS also???

    *Could I request that my GP give me a mycoplasma test or should I see my rhuemy?

    *Does any thearpy completely distroy this invader or just keep the symptoms at bay?

    *Would a GP or Rhuemy treat this or must I find therapy from a cutting edge doctor?

    *I also have herpes(cold sores)since I was about 3 years old, is there a connection?

    Thank you for entertaining my questions. It truly is appreciated! I know there is far more to CFS/FM, I just am not sure what yet.


  2. truthseeker67

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    I have had a rash (?) come and go since I was around 20 or so. This rash can itch and spread. It comes and goes. It is very small little bumps sometimes red, sometimes flesh colored. I was thinking it could be an allergy or a connection to yeast? Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you,
  3. truthseeker67

    truthseeker67 New Member

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer some of my questions. I will check out some of the leads you gave me. It is appreciated!

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    My daughter was diagnosed with Mycoplasma but only because she had a sever sore and swollen throat, which meant they were rife in that area and a simple swab exposed the critters.

    She hasn`t a ligament/joint problem though.

    However,I do, and wonder if it`s arthritis as my Father has, which is also a bacterial infection.

    Last year my daughter had Shingles which as you know is also the herpes virus.

    Last November I started her on Olive Leaf Extract and within 6 weeks her energy levels improved so much she could once more go out and have a social life.
    Not completely cured yet, but has made a huge difference.

    I`m sure it`s a virus and or bacteria holding you back. OLE is the most potent natural antibiotic on the planet, which will prevent the replication of all viral/bacterial/yeast growths, I do not know how long we need to take it, ABX can take years so maybe a similar theme, maybe not. we are in a trial and error phase with it.

    I am on the OLE too, for my joint`s & fatigue, so far my energy levels have increased and my mind is clearer. Joints a little better. But not enough to say OLE has helped in that area yet...

    If you are interested, I have a very informative post on OLE, if you go back to 04/13/03 date, it`s all there.

    Wishing you all the best

    Love Pat.
  5. truthseeker67

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    I will check your post when I get home from work. I would definitely like to try something, for I know yeast is one of my problems which comes and goes.

    Thanks for sharing!