Mycoplasma testing: Joint aspiration, blood work: what is BEST?

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  1. cristine04

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    Hi there,

    What is the best way to test for a mycoplasma infection? What are the main strains that can effect people with immune problems?

    What labs are best to send samples to?

    I am not big on getting the joint biopsy and then having the fluid sent to a subpar lab or one that is not good at searching for the bacteria.


  2. jaltair

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    My sister has had many symptoms of autoimmune disorders and has undergone extensive lab tests. She finally went to a naturopath (MD who provides holistic services), and he did a blood draw to test for mycoplasma infection, and sent it off to a lab at "Arthritis Research Foundation." Results were positive for mycoplasma.

    I don't know what type of test was used and I don't know anything about the lab that ran the tests. I do know that the most commonly used test will only find antibodies within a short time-frame surrounding the infection. "Slightly more than half of people infected with mycoplasma pneumonia develop increased levels of cold agglutinins. This usually goes away over time. Cold agglutinins is not the most specific test for mycoplasma pneumonia." So ... you would want to make sure that the doctor orders testing with the newer tests that are supposed to be better than the "cold agglutinins" test.

    My sis is now being treated with a specific type of antibiotic (minocyclin).. sometimes it takes a long-term treatment as mycoplasmas are very tiny, tenacious, and difficult to get rid of "creatures." She is also taking supplements through recommendation by the naturopath to try to make her system as inhospitable to mycoplasma as possible.

    My sister sent the following quote to me taken from the CDC website, among other things the quote states: "The occurrence of various Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma species in joint tissues of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, sexually transmitted reactive arthritis, and other human arthritides can no longer be ignored (8)." It seems that CDC is looking at these infections as being something that can cause some real problems.

    She also sent me the following link to a lecture by Harold W. Clark, Ph.D. "Lecture I: Mycoplasmas Properties and their Role in Autoimmune Diseases"
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    Tests for mycoplasmas involving the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique are supposed to be the most sensitive. The equipment for the PCR technique is common place so there should be no need for an expensive out-of-town lab to be involved.

    I understand that although mycoplasmas are hybrids and not completely bacteriological, they can respond well to antibiotics. For instance, I read that mycoplasma incognitus can respond well to a commmon and cheap antibiotic like doxycycline, if taken at the right dose and for long enough.
  4. cristine04

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    Thank you for this most valuable information. The part about the CDC recognizing it is great. I am sure they are paying attention as more people get chronically ill and find themselves unable to work and contribute to the economy and to society. This on top of the obvious hardships with family, relationships, etc.

    Thanks again!

  5. winsomme

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    there is Medical Diagnositcs Lab which does PCR testsing and take insuruance:

    also do a search for Garth Nicholson. he has his own lab in CA and researches mycoplasma in CFS and Gulf War Disease.

    also there is Immunosciences, Specialty Labs and Esoterix.

    i don't have the websites for these, but if you Google them they should come up.

    you are going to need to find a DR to order these tests for you. the PCR tests aren't all that sensitive meaning you can test negative and still have it.

    i'm not sure which labs do antibody tests for Mycoplasma other the main one mycoplasma pneumoniae.

    i think the main one's associated with CFS are penetrans (also called fermentans). there is a lot of info out there on this.

    let me know if you have trouble finding it. alot of time LLMDs will test for this.

    you can find a lyme DR at:

    go to the "flash discussion" section.

  6. winsomme

    winsomme New Member

    here is the Nicolson website. lots of info on mycoplasma there. including antibiotic treatment and nutritional treatments they have tried.


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