Mycoplasma Testing Question & Question for Jelly

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    Hi everyone . . . my doctor completely agreed that I should have testing for several mycoplasma species. He said he has a few other patients that have chronic mycoplasma infections. He has used blood antibody testing to confirm this and I am confused . . . is this testing good enough? I've seen DNA testing mentioned. Also, they were able to do blood antibody testing on me for Mycoplasma Pneumonaie, but they told me that cultures have to be performed for the other species . . . M. Hominis needs a vaginal culture, M. Fermentans needs a vaginal or a urine culture and the fourth that Dr. Nicolson had recommended is M. Penetrans, but I read an article stating that this pathogen has only appeared in patients with HIV . . . Can anyone help? Quest can't do any other Mycoplasma testing . . . suggestions of lab companies would be great . . . I had called the lab in california that is going out of business. I live in Maryland and am in Tennessee seeing some drs. at Vanderbilt right now . . . I read Jelly's post that we should have testing done AT THE LAB . . . would love to find one to go to. Thanks!!!! Terri

    Jelly -- How was your M. Fermentans diagnosed? Was it by culture??

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    My doctor just tested me for mycoplasma and it came back positive. He is starting me on antibiotics. I live in Ga. and the test was sent to The Great Smokey Mountains Diagnostic Lab (I think in TN), so I think as long as the test is handling properly, it should be okay.
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    terrim: i'm awaiting testing by CFS by pcr panel dr. cheney ordered it's back just waiting on interpretation from him on this and 2 other test hope he don't want p. consult at 8.50 per minute, i'm broke as is, maybe he will give me written interpretation i teested - 5 yrs. ago when he lst saw me but i'm even much sicker now

    ANYWays i've got the answer for you cause i called the lab he uses MDL in N.J. they said there cfs panel by pcr is very accurate and sensitive, God bless PM
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    Thanks Jelly, Praisinghim & Paulmark!!!! I really appreciate the info. I hope I haven't made a mistake by having the M. Pneumoniae done with the antibody test . . . I would love to have the DNA PCR test for the group of them . . . I guess we'll see what happens. If the antibody test is positive, I won't have to worry about that one. Paul, please let us know what you find out! . . . Again, thank you . . . Love, Terri
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    Usually only will work when the infection is in its initial active stage before going stealth in the body. My blood test for antibodies did turn up positive 12 years ago, but the docs didn't know that a couple of rounds of ABX wouldn't clear it up.

    Within 72 hours of taking the Doxy last year, I had a major Herx, but it didn't last long. My doc took that as evidence enough that the infection had gone stealth and been occupying my body for years.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks again everyone . . . I had the antibody test done last week for M. Pneumonaie . . . probably useless. I did contact the MDL (Medical Diagnostics Laboratory) in New Jersey. They have a great website explaining all about CFS and the testing suggested. I ordered their test kit for CFS which includes all of the yellow top tubes needed for the PCR testing. My doctor has no problem ordering the testing and will fax it to either a hospital lab here or to a local dr. office . . . I am working out those details now. MDL has paperwork included that you fill out and they turn it in to your insurance . . . I am also going to call my insurance company to see if they cover this lab . . . hopefully at least in part because the PCR testing is probably expensive. The test kit is free and there is a $20 shipping fee . . . also they said complete shipping instructions & packaging is included . . . you just have to contact Airborne Express to have them pick it up. Maybe I should post this separately so others will see it?? Terri