mycoplasma testing???

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    Hi! I've been reading a lot lately about FMS/CFS perhaps being caused by mycoplasma infections (stealth bacteria). My question: how does one get tested for these? I'm pretty sure this testing is not going to be available on the same test req. that I get basic stuff done at my local lab! Anyone had this testing done? Thanks!
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    Insurance may not cover them. Also, there is a chance of false neg. results. If results come back neg. they should be repeated. Proper handling of the blood is critical. The half-life of mycoplasmas is only 24 hrs. That means that once 24 hrs. has elapsed, half the mycoplasma DNA is so degraded that it is no longer viable for testing. It is best to have the blood drawn at the end of the day and sent overnight to the lab. Don't have it done on a Fri.

    Unless it's necessary to identify the specific bacterium in question, it's a lot easier to try the Doxycycline (or any of the ABX which are effective against cell-wall-deficient bacteria) empirically. It soon becomes apparent if the ABX is killing off these pathogens. That is how my doc and I handled it.

    My understanding is that the FFC's do test for mycoplasmas. If one is going to have the tests done, I think the FFC's are the best deal. It isn't that much more for a complete workup there.

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