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    Hi All,
    I was searching the web for any information on this and found these message boards. I'm not sure I'm in the right forum though? Is this the place to talk about mycoplasma?

    I am positive and from what I'm reading I'm feeling a little freaked out right now.

    I'd like to hear some stories of healing.

    I am also have 2 "faint positives" on my Lyme testing. Am waiting on the PCR dot blot test to come back for a definitive answer.

    I'm hoping to find some info here and support.

    I did read some about the TFs and that looks mighty interesting as well.
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    I can help you with lyme, but many people with lyme also have mycoplasma and other infections.

    Lyme testing is very inaccurate for many reasons.

    Where was your Western Blot done? Igenex?

    Please read these 2 explanations:

    In the first link, go to page 7 and read "Diagnosing Later Disease" and "western blots"...

    and then read this info about testing and western blots:

    There is a new test that does not depend on antibodies. It is a culture test.

    Read about it here:

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    That is the lab I've been using, although we just sent off another blood test to LabCorp. Apparently they have a new and quite accurate test. Waiting on results of both of those.

    Thanks for the links. Will check them out.

    I'm a little freaked ouot by what I've read so far about mycoplasma.

    I'm on day 10 of antibiotics and my body could scream each time I get ready to swallow another.
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    Like the bacteria in those with Lyme, mycoplasma bacteria are cell wall deficient and can change form, depositing cysts deep inside the body's tissues. The infection can reactivate when one gets run down even when it's been driven into a latent state. It lives beneath the immune system's radar once it becomes chronic and stealth.

    It was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my CFIDS/ME 22 years ago. This is the same pathogen which is prevalent in vets with Gulf War Illness. I lived next to a military facility when I was infected, likely in the holiday shopping crowds, from a soldier with an active infection. I was left crippled for months and was never the same after that. I got two rounds of ABX. At the time, no one knew it takes at least six month on ABX to drive the infection into a latent state.

    I'm glad you found us. There is a lot of wisdom here. We also have a CFIDS/ME and FMS board here.

    Love, Mikie
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    It is quite scary to me. What scares me the most is the possibility of passing it on to my husband and 2 young daughters. What kinds of precautions should I be taking?

    Are you okay now? Are you on antibiotics for life?
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    what are these:

    CFIDS? is it Chronic Fatigue?