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    I'm wondering if anyone out there is suffering with mycoplasma. If so, I would like to know what you are doing to alleviate the symptoms besides antibiotic therapy? Chronic fatigue is part of this "no cell wall" bacterial, micro-organism viral infection (yes it's fun) is quite debilitating causing arthritic symtoms,nausea, eye and foot irritation. Has anyone had to deal with this obnoxious pest of an infection? Any luck keeping it contained and regressed? I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
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    dealing w/mycoplasma pneumonaie. I started ABX about two months ago. I had a rheummy Dx me w/it. I have never felt so sick in my life... My whole body screams in pain, I get migraines, and nausea, restless legs syndrome, the list goes on... Read Dr. Nicholson's research on this site about mycos. I guess it will take at least one year to clear it up. My rheummy says that mycos does not cause FM or CFIDS, but it is an opportunistic infection that our weak immune systems cannot fight off. I disagree on this, I think this is what makes us so sick. Keep us posted on how you're doing. I am on Doxy 100mg 2Xs a day for it. Iggy
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    And bring up all our old posts on mycoplasmas. We have discussed them a lot.

    I have been on the Doxycycline treatment for more than 1 1/2 years. I now pulse off and on and stay off until my symptoms return. I have been able to go 6 weeks without them before the chronic sore throat and swollen glands, low-grade temperatures, migraine-type headaches, and IBS return. I know that I am getting better, but it is very slow going.

    My illnesses were triggered by a mycoplasma infection 12 years ago. I do not believe this infection causes our illnesses. I believe we are genetically predisposed to them. I believe we are very vulnerable to infections of opportunity. I recently discovered that I also have one of the Herpes-family viruses reactivated and am pulsing Famvir as well as the Doxy.

    I was really well on the mend until the Red Tide hit our Gulf shores and since then, I have been made ill by some mold under my sink and now a sinus infection. I'm still better than I was two years ago, but this last relapse has been very disappointing.

    Love, Mikie