mycoplasmas,hhv6, and so many rx and going downhill!

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    after 4 years of trying numerous drugs, antivirals and antbiotics I feel as sick as ever...cant seem to get off antibiotics without getting very sick again...Im on doxycycline 100 mg. per day and famvir for the hhv6 plus septra ds for chronic bladder infections. I was on zithromax on top of all this over the holidays and it did help but my dr. did not give me any more and now Im worse. he was off today so I couldnt ask for more and not sure he will give it to me...I was wondering what others are taking for these ailments and how much and how long on them? Ive been on the doxy for 2 years and cant stop it because I really get sick then... also on the famvir for 2 years and not sure its doing anything... have to get re-tested....these infections seem to be unstopable even after years of therapy....Im getting to the point of asking myself "is this all there is to my life'? how in the world are we ever to get well? I know I am not alone, there are so many in the same place...Im just venting because Im really down right now thats why Im asking how others are doing on their drug therapies and if they are different from mine....thanks so much for any input...jan a.
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    You didn't mention any supplements....are you taking any? Its so important to provide the body with the nourishment it needs to fight infections; antibiotics alone will not do the trick. As you know, the use of antibiotics can cause an imbalance in intestinal flora, which can lead to bacterial infections and yeast overgrowth. If you aren't using any supplements, you need to at least get on a good multi-vitamin, along with probiotics. That would be a good start, but to be honest with you, its going to take a lot more than just needs to be considered, and other supplements as well.

    In addition to the multi and probiotics, I take a LOT of supplements, as recommended by my dr. You need to strengthen (I didn't say stimulate, which is a BIG difference) your immune system, since antibiotics are known to weaken it. I'm not saying you have to stop the antibiotics, but rather, you have to take precautions so you can have the best chance of healing your body. My favorite book, "The Immune System Cure," is very instructional and has great information that you can put into use. In fact, the recommended supplements list is very similar to what my dr. put me on.

    Hope this helps,
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    The dose of the Doxy you are on is half that recommended by Dr. Nicolson. Perhaps that's why you felt better when the doc added the Zithro.

    I've been on the Doxy for about a year and can't go off it without getting sick. This is better than letting the mycoplasmas run rampant in our bodies. I believe that is how many people get autoimmune illnesses like MS and Lupus.

    Love, Mikie