Mycroplasma or stealth vius...okay we all probably have it but

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    What do we do? If I took this to my doctor she'd probably admit me in a loony hospital..she would say I dont know nothing about that or she would say we dont test for that around here. Then where does that leave us. Right where we started from. Yes I'm sure we could send our blood away and have it tested or maybe fly to California to see the doc but who can afford that..I sure cant. I think its great that they are finding all this out and maybe in 30 yrs or so my grandchildren will be protected but I just get frustrated when I want someone to help us now. I'm not putting anyone down on the board for posting these things but wouldnt it be nice if our healthcare system could figure it out and make us all so were not in pain, etc.... I admit I get alittle overwhelmed with all this(blame it on the fibro fog)I just wish someone could find a cure.
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    First of all, I have a doc who is willing to work with me despite the fact that he is not knowledgeable about FMS and CFS. Every time I have asked for a treatment, I have gone in armed with knowledge and printouts of articles which I've highlighted and annotated for his convenience and to save time. He has developed a respect for my research abilities and my opinions. We work together as a team.

    I did not take any expensive tests. My doc was willing to try the antibiotics empirically; I took in an article by Dr. Teitlebaum which said this was an acceptable way to test for chronic mycoplasma infection. My doc was already of the empirical school of medicine to begin with. It also didn't hurt that I knew that it was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses.

    I went in armed with Dr. St. Amand's book and gave it to him when I wanted to try the Guai treatment. I gave Dr. Cheney's articles on Klonopin to my pain specialist when I asked for this drug.

    There is a lot we can do, and must do, if we want to get the treatment we deserve. Feeling hopeless and helpless works against us and is not reality. We always have more options in life than we realize; it's just that some of them require a lot of work from us. Some require patience and some require trial and error. The alternative is to sit and never improve or, worse yet, to become sicker.

    If nothing else, I hope that all the info presented here gives hope and inspiration to those who can profit by it and improve their health.

    Love, Mikie