Mycroplasmas, Yeast, Candida, Bacterial/Viral Infections, Viruses

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by futurehope, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    I have been reading so many posts here about people getting so many tests done to figure out if they had this problem or another.

    I consider all of you very lucky to have found out this great info. or either have a great doctor!!!

    I guess my question would be where did you go to get all the these specifics? What kind of specialist, etc.). How did you get them to run all of these for you?

    I know there is a lot of infections that I did not list in title, but if you have any insight into how you got this far into your treatment, it would be appreciated.

    I am also sure that I would help other people on this board also.

    I KNOW MYSELF that I want to be sure that I do not have an underlying disease that is causing my CFS and if I do I DEFINATELY want to know how to treat it.

    I am having repeated infections lately that is causing my WBC to be VERY high!!

    Thanks for everyone's help!!!

    Love and prayers,
  2. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Low NK cell activity. Your natural killer cells aren't attacking and killing things. These are the cells that attack cancer so getting them to function correctly is important

    Adrenal fatigue- Those adrenal glands do alot of thiings and it is important that they function correctly.

    Thyroid that the standard tests don't catch. Free T3 needs to be tested.

    hypercoagu;lation- You blood thickens and the fibrins get stuck along the walls of your blood vessals giving stealth viruses a place to hide and multiply

    I was tested for everything at the Fybromyalgia and fatigue centers. They did not test for everything at once. I have been retested for all of it at least once now. They only thing left that I haven't conquered is the mycoplasma. I am working on that one! I have gotten EBV back to normal levels, have a funtioning Thyroid, gotten my yeast under control, boosted my immune system and adrenals and completely gotten rid of the hypercaoagulation.

    I would make a list of everything you want to be tested for and be prepared that your insurance company may not pay for all of the testing. Good Luck! Lynn

    PS there are some things you can do with out a test! Treating Candida by modifying your diet and taking Accidophilous is good for you even if the Andida yeast problem is not that bad. The diet and accidophilous won't hurt you.

    Licorice is inexpensive and you can take it to boost adrenals and gve you energy. It also can't hurt etc...

  3. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    I will start doing some searching on this site to see what I can find as far as what to test for.

    I can see that I your replies, the two of you wanted to be tested as much as possible first to rule out more serious things.

    I think this is the better approach!! Now I just wish my MD would listen more.
  4. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    I am considering probiotics. Are they just a pill to boost your immune system. I was most curious if these will affect my blood counts, etc. My white cells keep going WAY TOO HIGH for some reason.

    Hope that question was not too silly.

    Also, can I take them with ABX?

    Love and prayers,
  5. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    Thanks for the extras for add to my list!!

    You know what, I had my adrenals checked out!!! I think the test what called something like ATCH. They drew blood in the AM and injected coritsol into me and drew blood twice more about 1 hour apart.

    Turns out, my CORTISOL WAS HIGH!!!!

    Love and prayers,
  6. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    Low NK Cell Activity.

    It this a certain cell in your WBC?

    Love and prayers,

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