myleogram procedure

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  1. moosefollower

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    hello all....interested in hearing if any one has had this procedure. What's it like? I'm scheduled for one soon. Thanks!!!!
  2. Applyn59

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    I had one and would never do it again.
    Have you had other good tests already?
    Are you staying overnight in the hospital?

    I had one over 10 years ago and I was released
    right after it. Everyone I had spoken to online
    said that they were admitted to the hospital overnight for the test and couldn't believe that I went home.

    Maybe you will have better luck that I did.
    I hope so.
    When my orthopedic surgeon wanted me
    to have another myleogram I told him
    to due the test where they stick all the
    needles in you instead!
  3. bubblegum

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    I was admitted in the hospital overnight. I was awake during the procedure. They removed my spinal fluid and replaced it with a dye then moved the table up and down and side to side in order to distribute the dye so they could get a clear picture. I was somewhat sedated but was aware of what they were doing. It was very uncomfortable. Afterwards they took me to my room and told me I couldn't get up for 24 hours. no pillow nothing. I wished I knew what a catheter was then cause I would've demanded they put one in. I had to pee so bad, and they stuck a bed pan under me, and my bladder wouldn't go. I guess it was cause the position was defying gravity. Anyway I finally demanded to see the doctor so I could tell him I was getting up to pee. He said i was taking a risk of developing severe migraines if I get up before the 24 hour period. I was in so much pain not being able to pee that I risked it and got up. Well I suffered for months with the migranes and the stupid test was inconclusive. Never again. You might want to research "arachnoiditis" I think that is how it is spelled. If I can answer anymore questions let me know. Good luck to you.
  4. kredca4

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    I'll Never have another one. I was sent home, afterwards, no overnight stay, due to the Insurance I had.

    I told the Doctor that I do not do well with any kind of Spinal Procuder, but they didn't Believe me.

    Well later that night I had the Headache from Hell, and when I called the Office the next am, they said to take Darvocett, like that would Touch any kind of Pain like the kind I was having. So if they won't let you stay over, I would suggest, telling them to give you a different typr of test.
    I had Spinal Stenosis, and the MRI showed the damage better than the Myleogram, so it was all for not. Just a lot of Pain, I ended up dropping that Neruo., trouble is I ended up with one of his Partner's, later on, and he really Messed me yup. Hope you are not in Idaho.

    Do check out Spinal Arachnoiditis, I thought I had that, when they were first trying to figure out why I was having so much Pain in my back.
    Thank the Good Lord, it wasn't.

    I would do other test's first, depending on what they are looking for.

    Not eveeryone has a bad Procuder, but I think with my combo of FMS/CMPD, I'm a very poor canadiate.

    Good luck to you, If you can't find what you are looking for, let me know I do have some more information, but you should beable to find what I did, by using your Search Engine, do you use Google? That's what I use and there's a large Menu (? list) of site's. just type in Spinal Disorders.

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  5. garyandkim

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    the Mylogram migrains and I haven;t heard of more then one person that didn't/ have the Blood Patch it will instantly get rid of the migrain. Many don't want to do it but, It works and you should aks. They draw blood from you and inject it into the spine and it forms a seal and it is instant from what all my friends said. One went right to work from the Er. But, you have to have it done at the hospitals ER where the Mylo was done. Now that they have this and it works. Do it ASAP when it happens. One of my friends docs didn't want to do it but, she said she wasn't leaving till he did. There is a slight risk of infection from your own blood. My 4 friends didn't have any problems just relief for a test that is vital for surgery. Gary stayed in bed and it didn't help him and the hospital where the Mylo was done was almost an hour away and he couldn't take the pain to get there. Good luck and yes, do research on the net but, talk to your docs to about all you conserns and never hold back, you need all tour Q's answered.Gary said the procedure was not bad, a bit uncomfortable.

    Hope this helps and good luck, Kim and Gary
  6. garyandkim

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    they do it under I can't remember the name of the machine but, it images live your spine so the doc can see where he is going. The doc puts the needle into you spine to draw fluid and inject dye. Then they move the table to position you to take the Mylogram films.

    Hope this helps some, Kim
  7. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I did get sick bigtime from the myleogram
    and my back was killing me. Of course, it
    was killing before but this was something
    I would never do again. EVER
  8. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I did get sick bigtime from the myleogram
    and my back was killing me. Of course, it
    was killing before but this was something
    I would never do again. EVER
  9. bitter-sweet

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    Hi, I had one in November. Keep in mind that I have a very high pain tolerance. I had brief, strong head and leg pain when the dye was injected but other than that it wasn't a big deal. I went home right after. I was tired and the fibromyalgia was a bit worse, but part of that was due to the fact that I had to travel 2hours to and from the appointmnet. The test did show that a thoracic disc was pushing on my spinal cord and that I also had a spur forming there also. I have decided to postpone surgery unless I'm really bad, because I'd have to have a chest tube, and that scares me. I wish you the best.