Myofacial pain and FMS Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rhonda357, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. rhonda357

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    I posted the other day about this and several replies.

    So now I know they are 2 seprate diseases but how do I get the Doctor to know as he told me they are the names for the same diease, FM?

    Will the madness ever stop over this dd?

    Had it 18 yrs now and still in so much pain.
    Thanks everyone

  2. suz45

    suz45 New Member


    MPS has been lumped in with FMS for years, mnay current articles still refer to them as the dame disorder. However if you read articles by Lowe or the late Jane Travell you will find that one can have FMS and not MPS and yet probably 60-70% of people with MPS have FMS. The difference being is that with FMS the pain is widespead throughout the muscles of the body, people have tender points bilaterally above and below the waist, but not trigger points which are ropy bands and knots within the fascia (covering of the muscles) that we have all over our bodies.

    In the case of MPS if a trigger point or knot is pressed on it not only causes local pain but referred pain to other area of the body. In my case I have two really tough trigger point areas, one in my back on the posterior side of my hip, when my chiro is working of that knot (and he is gentle) the pain is not just at the hip, but can spread down my backside and leg or even across the front to the frontside of my hip bone.

    For me chiro body work has been very helpful, as the knots come and go depending on my stress, sleep repetative strain. They can occur anywhere on the body and the pain is usually sharp or burning but more localized.

    I have not found meds to be very helpful with the MPS, supplements help the FM which in turn decreases the likelihood for a bad MPS flare. Weather also has an effect.

    Keeping my muscles oxegenated is key, trigger points develop in the muscles when they lack oxygen, therefore I do yoga almost everyday to keep the muscles stretched and less likely to gets knots. I hope this expalian it better. Many doctors continue to lump them together but they are two seperate disorders that can occur together.

  3. mindbender

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    Is he treating you for either one?

    It didn't sound like it because you said you are still in alot of pain. These articles should still be on the back boards they were only posted a couple of days ago. They were filled with a lot of great but scary information.

    I'm going to have to get some serious help in the diagnoses and treatment area myself, because I now know that most, if not all my pain is Myofacsial.

    I believe my Dr is open to my help. I hope yours will be.
  4. charlenef

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    i have them both and they both stink cmp ive had for years fms is just an added bonus im always so lucky like that (not)i know this dont help you i just wanted to vent sorry charlene
  5. fwm

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    I have a Yoga tape that I wondered what good it would really do made a good point with stretching the muscles....think I will drag that tape back out and actually USE it - hopefully it will help as I do get so knotted up I can't stand to even touch those areas. I did massage therapy for a long time, and seems like when I am in a flare, I can't MOVE for two days after that - just so sore. Okay, so now I'm going to try the Yoga....thanks!

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