Myofacial Pain (How do you know if you have it?)

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    Hi everone, hope everone has had a good day!! I have read many references to myofacial pain syndrome here. How do you know if you have it? Is it similar to fm? Where are the trigger points? Can you feel them like the tender points in fm? Thanks!! Love, Deb
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    My PT says he would describe me as having more myofascial pain than "simply" trigger point pain. I have diffuse pain all over my body in addition to more specific places that are very tender but more contained. Does this help? I doubt it's scientific and may not be medically accurate, either, but it's the best I can do!!
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    I just wrote you in another Post, lol, guess we have the same Symptoms.
    My MPS, showed up way before my FMS was dx.

    I'll try to make it simple, if you knew me you'd laugh at that one, lol. I'm chatty sorry.

    Well FMS and MPS have a lot of the same Symptoms, but then they seperate and go in different directions.
    Clear as Mudd, FMS is a Pain Amplification/ Sensitvity Syndrome , I just say, it's my Brain Screaming I've had enough Pain. FMS, sends out mixed signals to the Brain. I can have a toothache and Hubby can have a toothache, but with the FMS, mine will hurt more.
    Tender Points are usually sore to the touch, like you can't stand to have your skin touched in certain area's. They say there are 18 of them, but I think it's more myself.

    MPS, involves the myofascia, skin, ligaments, bone lining, and other tissues. You can feel them some times under the skin, they feel like a "Roapy Band", it rolls a little, and hurts like heck. Some times when a nerve has to pass through that roapy band it entraps the nerve and cause pain/
    Usually there are co-exisitng conditions, such as Degenerative Disc Diease, Spinal Stenosis, just as examples.
    They keep the MPS TrPs gong which in turn keeps the FMS going, it's a real Merry-go-round, only there;s nothing Merry about it.

    You should see an Orthopedic Specialist or Neurologist if you can. They know more about it than a Primary, in most cases.

    I suggested a book and website by Devin Starlanyl, she also has our Syndromes and she writes so you can better understand the Combo and gives options on Treatment.
    She all has an Article on this sites Library.
    I like this site, been here 3 years lol, but I don;t think they have that much Infor on MPS. Mostly great articles and infor on FMS and CFS.
    She also has Diagrams in her book for trigger points. we can't give out url's but if you use your search engine,
    try the www then the dot then type in followed by a / with a ~ then type dvestar
    that should get you there.

    I do know that when the Discs in the C4/5 section of my neck hurt, due to the DDD and SS, it set's off Pain in my Shoulders, which cause's Pain in my right arm. I have had a Closed up ear because of Trigger Points in that area, they can set off Sinus Pain, and drip drip drip at night, then I wake up choking, ugh. Check out her site and you can probably find one of her books at the Library, and of course at all good book stores, ;o)

    I have Pain somewhere in my body 24/7, but I have learned to controll it better, by treating the Conditions that cause the triggers to be aggarivated. I have IBS, and there are Trigger Points from a Gallblader surgery, it left a nasty scar. It can make me Naused just bending over, and I do mean Sick, had a bad event a couple of days ago.
    You will be amazed at what thoes Trigger Points can cause, things that use to make me thing I was Daft. I know I am but now I know why.

    Hope that helped, I'm sure some one will give you a better explation, I hope.
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    FM tender points are not the same as chronic myofacial pain (CMP) trigger points. Taken from Dr. Starlanyl & Copeland's book on FM and CMP, which is the best book I've found to explain them, you can have latent and active trigger points (TrPs). Latent ones can be anywhere near an injured area which can cause pain and tension but can go away on their own and don't necessary cause trouble unless they become active which can be years down the road. Best way I can describe them are they feel like knots when pressed and don't necessarily hurt until pressed. If not treated for a long time they can get so tight they are very hard to get rid of - the pain can be as bad as a herniated disk and cause range of motion problems like I have right now with a frozen shoulder.

    I suggest you get the book if you really are interested in findng out more. This site has articles and segments from the book in the by author's name.
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    I guess I can add another title to my name!! I have had ropey, knotted areas for many, many years. That hurt like hell when I touch them. Especially on my spine and lower back. Neck and shoulders too!! I had PT a few years back. They did some myofacial release massage I thought I was dying when they did it, but felt better later. I guess I need to buy yet another book (the one mentioned above). Thanks so much!! Love, Deb
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    I did some research on it and got some good info. I looked up that site the way you told me, but it say's it has been moved.

    I have severe tmj and a paincausing denture. Most of the time I have a facial and head mask (a tight and burny pressure). Maybe Mps plays a role with the tmj. I did read that it is not chronic like Fm, that it goes away with treatment. Thanks alot!!
    Love, Deb
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    I have myofacial pain syndrome. I have tender node-like areas various parts of body, especially arms, chest, ribs, buttocks, thighs. Over my hips i have thick, ropy areas that restrict my hip motion, sometimes more than others depending on how tight my muscles get. I do hip stretches, but they don't go away. If i get a massage or try self massage, there are some areas that hurt like i have one of those little minature golf pencils under my skin. Those are basically in the shoulder, upper back, upper arm area. Now I've developed sore spots in my neck also. All this despite frequent physical therapy.
    Sometimes it seems like my MPS problems are worse than my FM problems, or maybe the FM is just intensifying the MPS. I don't know. I do know that i feel like I'm fighting a losing battle trying to stretch to keep this at bay. Let me rephrase that, the stretching is probably keeping me functional, but it's sure not a cure. I was a lot worse a year ago with twitching and spasms, not sure if it was starting klonopin or the physical therapy finally making a difference. probably the klonopin because the pt couldn't really explain the twitching.
    are you having any of these symptoms or just curious.
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    when my husband give me a back massage sometimes it feels good; and when the mps is flaring, he can touch an area on my back especially upper back, and It's like I have bruises all over deep into the tissue. Needless to say, I ask him to not rub that area. But then again sometimes if he rubs it a certain way it helps it to relax. I hope I am making sinse; it's been a long day. I also get the burning type pain in upper back with the mps. I was dx almost 3 years ago. It's still hard to accept this pain syndrome after all this time. I know we all have good days, and some not so good. Take care,and I hope this reply helped you a little bit. Kathy