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    Does any one with FM had bexperience with jaw and facial pain,it's so bad Iv'e had one bad tooth taking out and 1 good one.I guess that's what this is.I have only 4 front teeth in my my mouth but the pain starts in my front gum where my four teeth were worked on last week and now the pain is in my gum and goes all the way up my jaw and some times it sends jabbing pains or shooting pains,I 'm on all
    sorts of pain ,which is oxycontin 20mg and 10mg lortab.I
    took thos yesterday morning and by 4.30 p.m. I was in the
    emergency room and they gave me 50 mg grams of demerol shot,
    after 5 hours I could feel it again so I took aspirin and took my heating pad that I put against my mouth for some relief and finally went to bed.I woke up this morning and
    it's starting again.Can someone please help with some suggestions.I've had an upper plate in for 10 years and I am afraid to have the rest of these good teeth pulled out because if it has something to do with TMJ Or the other myofacial then I'll still hurt. This board has helped me a
    lot and I appreciate evryone on here.Oh also I use that
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    the myofacia is the lining of your muscles. The most profoudn symptom is when you press on a tender point, and people with myofacial dysfunction syndrom have several points other than the 18 fibro ones, it referes pain to another area in the body. I have never been diagnosed with this but have several areas when I do self body work that do just that refer pain all the way up my head or down an arm etc.

    i have tmj and suffer at times pain like you are speaking of, there is also a type of neuropathy which causes what my dentist referes to as phantom tooth aches. I had a tooth that was causing such pain a few years ago and was on vicodin and no relief-was sent to specialist because she could not find anything wrong with the tooth--specialist said nothing wrong with the tooth---it remained a mystery until i met someone I worked with that suffered from it all the time and she mentioned some neuropathy. Inotherwords the nerve is sending pain signals to your brain where there is nothing wrong.

    I have always used ice on my jaw and nerve pain and it seems to ease it up some.

    wish you luck and hope it feels better soon

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    I have Myofacial Pain.....and Fibro. My pain is the worst in my shoulder's like cement back there...What helps me the most is ice packs.....and I take Oxycontin40mg2xday..and Soma. ...with OxyIR for breakthrough pain....I also go to massage therapy and this week it makes the pain worse.

    It is a very hard kind of pain to get to...and sometimes the treatments just aggravate the whole thing.....I know how Painful the stuff can be..and I have cried many times from the pain..just know that you are not alone......I send Happy thoughts your way......

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    Yes, I've experienced all of the above and got great relief from rubbing the trigger points out of my face, neck, head region, plus my whole body. Doctors just aren't informed about these things. They mention them in medical school, but that's about it from what I've heard. Last summer I bought a book that Devin Stardanyl recommended in her fibro book. It's "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies and in 4 months I've gone from being almost crippled to almost no pain at all. The jaw region was the worse and I finally reread that chapter and realized I was missing some points in my masseter. After working on those for a week, I actually woke up today with no pain whatsoever - first time in months if not years. I've only been up 3 hours, but so far so good. ups will deliver the book to your door. I ordered it off amazon and the total price is $18 with delivery. Jo Ellen