myofascial/cranial sacral work and residual pain question

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    so for many years i have been getting gentle forms of this sort of work done on spine and body, it helps with hypermobility when neck feels sort of out etc BUT there is always an increased pain back lash with it and sometimes it can last days to weeks to even months depending on how much neck seemed "subluxated", it used to be worse years ago for me but every once in while i still get a bad reaction, if the masseuse does a very minimal cs session its less backlash

    but what is this? normal people don't even feel that sort of work, to them it seems like nothing yet it somehow actually allows my spine to move itself or something and can cause a lot of pain, but in long run its usually helpful to make me in better shape than i was before i had the work.
    could it be releasing germs or bacteria into my system to account for the malaise or pain i get sometimes for extended periods after the work though? cranial sacral can effect fluid flow. not sure about myofacial. sometimes the back lash doesnt hit me for a day to several days later.
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    I think I know what you're talking about. I went to a specialist to have this done also-is it when they lay you down flat on your back and they gently pull/move your head forward? I was told it was to loosen up joints, help realign the body and neck. I was told that I had a balance problem and that this would help, also to give you more energy since this treatment releases energy pent up from being so off kilter!!!
    It did help me too, but the ride for 1 1/2 hours killed my back getting back and forth.
    My stepsister takes her son (3 yrs old) there for the same treatment. He is epileptic and has a lopsided head from birth, and this has helped him immensely. He speaks better and has less seizures.
    It is hard to find specialists who are trained in this.
    Also, anytime you have work done to your body in this manner releases fluid in your lymph nodes which could be built up and this could be making you feel worse before you feel better. Do you drink a lot a water afterward to flush your system out?
    Hope I helped a little!
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    hey ironspine
    yea i think it has something to do with the spinal or cranial fluid

    there are variations on this sort of work and sometimes it can be as you described, but actually when I get it I don't allow them to do much moving of my spine, its more of a holding and they are trained in releasing myofascial constrictions and if its cranial sacral work they somehow tap into some rhythm with the fluid and flow, its bizarre but definitely does something as I can attest to the residual pain, but my normie friends feel nothing from it usually, they want a deep massage, but in my case the body sort of corrects itself with their help but its not at all like a manipulation that a chiropractor might do, its very very subtle
    but I just don't get the big pain reaction I sometimes get from it
    I do try to drink more after it but never noticed that being a big help, sort of like taking homeopathy for heavy duty pain, not so effective, but i think its good to stay hydrated of course